Brought Together As 1

i know you individually but will i recognise you as one?


8. Moving x2

re cap~ " you really think it looks good?" 


"Lottie you look amazing you have to wear that tommorow!" "ok then i will, i just look so girly". then we heard a knock at the door, " you said you wanted to talk?" it was Lou. i have been trying to not think about the move all night but now i kinda have too. " uh yea, just give me a minute" Lou agreed and just walked back to his room. " Ok Lott good luck tomorrow, have fun'' '' thanks i will'' i walked out of Lotties room and down the hall to Louis', i walked in and just sat on the bed with him. "hey" he said. "hey, so all i wanted to say to you was that. well, i uh" "spit it out you muppet" Lou said " i'm Moving, to Bradford." "what? you're moving to Bradford!? but you've only just settled in here!" "i know but i don"t have a choice, dads work is moving him again." Lous face was just blank, he seemed pretty hurt by the news. " when are you leaving?" "uhm next friday, morning" "wow" is all Lou could manage to say. "well i better get going." i said as i stood up and left. as soon as i got outside his house, i just burst out in tears. then i felt two arms snake around me. "Lou?" he didn't answer me, he just held me i spun around to face him and just cried into his neck. "Lou i have to go." he let go of me straight away and i ran back to my house.  


~ day of the move.

I spent the last week alone packing. all i could thing about was Louis's reaction. i taped the last of my boxes and put it on top of the rest of them. all of my furniture was gone, all of my memories, everything was gone. I walked down stairs and got into the car. the removal people grabbed my boxes and put them in the truck and drove off, we followed. 

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