Brought Together As 1

i know you individually but will i recognise you as one?


36. Move With Me

Well now here I am. I'm laying in a bed, with my perfect boyfriend in my favourite city. Too bad I have to leave soon. "Hayley?" "Yea?" "They boys and I are going home tomorrow. And well, how about you move, like back to England? With me?" "Niall, I'm not even finished school in Australia yet. I couldn't just drop everything and move back here, I mean I'd love too, but theres no way my parents would let me." "But, would you if your parents let you?" "If my parents said yes, I would be here in a heart beat." "Well, I'm going to convince your parents to let you move back." "Good luck!" I I slowly look turn my phone on and look at the time. "Oh my god I gotta go, we're leaving in half an hour!" I got up started walking to the door, but Niall grabbed my arm and spun me around. "I think you're forgetting something?" I went to answer him but he smashed his lips to mine. That what he was talking about. I pulled away after a while. "Niall, i really have to go!" "Ok, have a safe trip, I'll try to come visit when we're on break." 


I walked into my hotel room and saw my mum and dad sitting on their bed. They looked like they were stressing. "Whats wrong?" 



~A/N Sorry it's so short, I'm thinking of ending it soon, and maybe starting a sequel? What do you guys think? Should I go longer, or start fresh? Get back to me!~

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