Brought Together As 1

i know you individually but will i recognise you as one?


28. I Rememer

"Oh my god you're awake!" Niall said as he leaned in and hugged me. "Niall? Louis? Zayn and Harry? but who is that?" I said pointing to the guy who was now standing by my side. "Hayley? you don't remember me? I'm-" "HAYLEY! baby are you ok?" Someone yelled across the room. "Mum? wha- what happened?" "Um boys, can I please have some time alone?" they all replied with yea's and yes's and left. "Hayley, you were in a car crash. The man who was driving the taxi didn't survive. You have  broken your right arm, left ankle, 3 ribs and fractured your left wrist and right ankle." "What? what taxi, what are you talking about?" "I don't know why you were in a taxi, but you were headed to Macclesfield. Do you remember why?" I took a moment to think, then his name came to mind. "LIAM! Mum, where is Liam?" "Who is Liam?" "I think i met him at Wolverhampton, please go and get him." "OK" Mum walked out, and a few seconds later Liam walked in. "Hayley." "Liam" "You remember!" "Yes I do, but I don't remember everything, why was I leaving?" "Uh, I um, you were uhh, " "Spit it out!" By this point i was frustrated. "You saw Amy and I kissing and you left." He said quickly. "wh-what!? You and Amy?! Liam! what the hell! Do you remember the whole kiss, date, see you tomorrow thing?! Or am I just a stepping stone, a cover up!? If thats all I am to you just leave! Get out! I may not remember now but I know I will soon!" "No Hayley, you never let me explain! She told me that if didn't kiss her she would say I had been staying the night in your room, and that I was the one who hit Ruth! That why she had a bruise. I didn't think you would find out." Suddenly everything came back. All the memories of what happened and why I left. "I remember... I REMEMBER! Everything, the kiss, the driver of the taxi, everything, wait! Did you just say you didn't think i'd find out?!" "Um, I uh I should go. I'm so sorry, It's my fault you're even here. I'm sorry" He just walked out. I curled up into a ball and burst into tears. "Hayley?" I sniffled and lifted my head. It was Niall. "Niall! i ju- i ca-" I just kept crying. He came to my side and sat beside me. " Shhh, It's gonna be ok. shh" I sat up, moved over and patted to the spot next to me. "No, it's ok. I don't want to hurt you." "Niall please. I need a Horan Hug" "Ok, fine then" he said as he climbed into the bed with me. He put his arm around me and i used his chest as a pillow. I just cried into his chest for what seemed like days. He comforted me with "shh" and "It'll all be ok". 


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