Brought Together As 1

i know you individually but will i recognise you as one?


26. I Can't Believe You

Hey guys i know i said i was having a break but i had a little spare time this weekend so I decided to write, also I put part one because this chapter will be long and i didn't want to bore you guys with one long chapter.~~~

*BEEP BEEP BEEP* I sat up hazily and looked around, I saw my phone was ringing. "Crap!" I said realising i was not alone. I quickly grabbed my phone from the side table and answered it, after looking at the time. "Zayn?" "Hayley hi. I just wanted to cal you and see if you wanted to meet me somewhere this after noon, I can drive down?" "Um, not tonight, tomorrow would be great though, I can catch the train to meet you half way If that would be better?" "Yea sure, I'll pick you up at Warrington Station? 4:30?" "4:30 is good, I'll see you then, Goodluck on your exam today!" "Thanks Hay, see ya then!" I hung up the phone, went and took a shower, and got changed into my formal uniform. wow. It's even uglier on than when its hanging up. I walked out of the bathroom and sat down on my bed. I looked out the window and down onto the grass. I saw Liam standing there with someone. Whoever she was, she went to out school, because she had a uniform on. She turned around and i was Amy. He leaned in and kissed her lightly on the lips a wrapped his arms around her waist as she wrapped hers around his neck. My initial reaction was too go down there, but then a better idea came to my head. I grabbed out my phone and opened up a new text. 'Hey, sorry can't make it tonight, I can meet you on wednesday though, txt me when your available!' Sent to Liam.  By now they were completely making out, but then Liam pulled back to look at his phone. He looked kind of sad, but then he stared to text back. *Beep Beep* I looked down to my phone and saw a text from Liam. 'oh, why not? I can meet you on wednesday out front of nandos. Really miss you! can't wait to feel your lips on mine again!' He thinks he can get away with this. I texted back ' Why don't you ask your girlfriend for a kiss! I can't believe you Liam! I actually thought you liked me, How could i have been so stupid! btw, look up!' He looked up from his phone and looked straight at me. I just shook my head at him, trying so hard not too cry. Amy said something to him while grabbing his neck and kissing him again. He pulled back straight away and ran towards the door of the big building. I laid back in my bed. when i heard a knock at the door. I didn't put 2 and 2 together when i saw Liam run to the door. I went to get up and tell Nicole and Ruth that they don't need to answer it but Nicole was too quick and opened it. I walked into the bathroom and locked the door behind me. "Hayley! we are going to get some breakfast! come down soon ok!" yelled one of the two. I heard footsteps out of the room and I just sat beside the bath pulled me knees to my chest and cried. The door slowly opened and Liam walked in. "I guess that lock doesn't work" I mumbled almost un-audible. "Hayley, I a-" "save it Liam. Do me a favour and never talk to me again." I said as i stood up and left the room. I grabbed a duffel bag and pack it. I didn't get all my clothes but I got most. I couldn't stay at this school knowing Liam was here to meet me everyday. I got changed out of my uniform and left the room. Liam chased me down the halls and eventually caught me at the exit door. "where are you going?! you cant leave, you've only been here for 3 days!" "Well believe it or not Liam they have been the worst tree days of my life!" there was a moment of silence before i turned around and ran out the door. I walked down the street onto the Main Street and hailed a taxi. One pulled over and i got in. "Where too Miss?" the driver said "How far away can I get from here with 40 pound?" "You can go as far as Macclesfield." "well take me there" I dat in the back of the taxi and played with apps on my phone for a goo 2 and a half hours before we went straight past Macclesfield. "Excuse me sir, this is Macclesfield here, where are we going?" He didn't answer me. "Excuse me?! SIR!" BANG!


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