Brought Together As 1

i know you individually but will i recognise you as one?


30. Going Home

I was walking home from Chelsea's with my earphones in blasting out the sound of Brisbane traffic, when my ringtone overtook my music. I answered my phone. "Hello?" "Hayley? are you nearly home?" "Yea mum, at King Street now, why whats so important?"  "I just got a call from Maura, about Niall and how he went in the XFactor, and she wants us to come out earlier. So we're going tomorrow!" "Tomorrow!? I have to pack by tomorrow!? What time is the flight?" "Oh not till 8." "Ok well, i'm nearly home now bye!" "bye" I hung up the phone and walked for another 3 minutes until i reached my house. "I'm home! I'll be upstairs PACKING!" I walked up stairs not bothering to get an answer. I grabbed my suit case from my wardrobe and packed my winter clothes. Since it was so much hotter in Australia than in England. All of my clothes from England are in a box in the garage. I got those clothes together and packed. I was nearly done when my computer beep. I walked over to it and saw that I had a new facebook message. "Hey Hayley! wow haven't spoken to you in ages! Mum just told me that your flying home tomorrow! yayy!" It was from Niall, it's the first time he's spoken to me in about 7 months. I didn't reply. I don't know why I didn't. I'll see him in about 48 hours anyway. 



~Skip plane ride and airport because i'm too lazy too write it ;)~ 

We pulled up in front of the hotel we were staying at and there was hundreds of screaming girls. We went to walk into the lobby of the hotel after pushing through a bunch of girls when we were stopped by security. "Excuse me Ma'am, you must display you hotel confirmation form." My mum pulled out a sheet of paper and showed it to the man. "You may go through" he says. We walked in and went to the front desk. "Hi how can I help you today?" the lady said. "Just wanting to check in" my mum said. 

After about 15 minutes of talking and pulling out paper work, the lady hands her a key and directs her to and elevator. We went up to level 8 and stepped out and into the hall. I saw some guys walking into another room and for some reason one looked like Harry. I didn't think anymore of it and I followed my mum and dad into our room. I walked over to a door which lead to a room with a single bed. "Hayley! can you please go down to the lobby and ask for another towel, theres only two here!" I wanted to explore the hotel a bit. "Ok, i'll be back soon!" I replied as I walked out the door. I walked down the hall towards the elevator. There was a group of people walking towards me, I assume to the elevator. As i got closer I recognised them. It was Harry, Liam, Louis, Zayn and Niall. I reached to elevator and they stopped. "Hayley!?" They all said in sync.



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