Brought Together As 1

i know you individually but will i recognise you as one?


33. Friends Kiss

I stared at the text for a long time. "Are you ok?" Niall asked. I couldn't tell the boys. Not yet anyway. "Huh? Yea I'm just um, uh, just tired, that all. Was a long plane ride. I might go back to my room and get some sleep, I'll see you guy in the morning. Yea?" I said quickly as I walked towards the door. "Hay, I was your best friend for 16 years whats up?" He said grabbing my arm and walking to another room in the apartment. I didn't want to say anything yet because I didn't know if Liam had told the boys about our relationship. "Look, Hayley. We don't keep any secrets in this band, We've all figured out that we've all been with or been friends with you each time you moved. Please tell me whats up" I pulled out my phone and showed him the text. "Who sent it?" "I don't know, it was blocked." "So this has to do with you and Liam.?" "Yea... look, Niall please you can't tell the other boys, at least not yet." "Hayley, At least tell Liam. He needs to know." "I can't tell him Ni." "Yes you can." He started to lean in. Oh god it's happening. His lips crashed onto mine. I freaked, but started to kiss back. I wrapped my arms around in neck, while he wrapped his around my waist. "Hey are you tw- wow. sorry." Liam said as he opened the door. Niall and I broke away. "Yea mate what were you saying?" Niall said trying to act casual. "Never mind." Liam said as he closed the door and walked away. "Sorry Niall, I have to go." I said as I left the room. I walked out of the apartment without saying anything else to the other boys. I walked back to my apartment and went straight to my room. I fell sleep.

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