Brought Together As 1

i know you individually but will i recognise you as one?


19. Explanations

"well uh.... We broke into the corner shop and stole a pack of gum, and ended up here." "All that effort to break in to steal gum?" "Yea i know, but it was for Liam, our little brother, i think he is about your age. i was 13 and Nic was 14 when we did it, Liam was only 10 though and Mum banned him from all crap foods for a we-" She was interrupted  by a knock at the door. Nicole got up and answered it. "Ahh speaking of the devil! Li Li! When did you get here?" "Hey Nic, about 10 minutes ago. took so long to sign in!" "Well i'm glad your here! We got a new room mate!" "Really, When? Where is she?" "Yea about 10 minutes ago, shes in there" "oh that was the car out the front, i didn't know whose it was" Nic laughed and walked into the room with a boy, I'm guessing Liam? next to her. "Hayley, Liam, Liam Hayley" Ruth said as she pointed to us individually. "Hey, nice to meet you" he said as he leaned in and held his hand out. I took it and shook. "You too!, Hey I recognise you from somewhere, Oh My God! you were on the X Factor last year weren't you? Oh wow you were amazing! i don't know why Simon let you go!" "haha yea Thanks, your really pretty!" "Oh thank you," I started blushing like and idiot, when Nicole fake coughed gaining our attention. "that was uh weird, Whose Hungry?" we all raised our hands and decided on going for a walk down town trying to find something to eat. Finally we found a Nando's. The last time I ate at a Nandos, was the day before the first move, Niall took me there. we walked in placed our order and just talked. "So where are you guys from?" I asked them. "Oh I Live with my mum an dad, down the south side of town, they used to live there too." "Oh cool, Well i'm from Ireland, but have lived in England for about 6 months now. but i have moved a lot. The first move away from Ireland, i moved to Doncaster, then Bradford and now here." Wow" Liam said. we finished up and Nicole and Ruth said that they needed to get back to the House to study for an exam tomorrow so Liam and I walked aimlessly around Wolverhampton. We stopped at a park bench and sat down. "Look I know this is going to sound so straight forward, and I know i've only known you for a bout 4 hours but I really like you." He leaned in and kissed me. I pulled back instantly and got up and ran away. "Nice one, idiot" was all you could think. I was lost in a city i had lived in for about 6 hours and I was alone after being kissed by my roommates brother. Walked until you found Nandos, you knew your way back from there. 

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