Brought Together As 1

i know you individually but will i recognise you as one?


3. Dinner With The Tomlinsons

after i got home from Louis' i jumped straight into the shower, without getting my hair wet. after about 5 mins of standing under the water i stepped out and grabbed my towel i wrapped it around my body and made my way to my wardrobe. i picked out a mint green pair of skinny jeans, a plain white singlet and a blue collar shirt over top. i fixed my hair into a briad and slipped on some dress sandals. I took one last look at myself in the mirror when i heard a knock at the door, knowing my my mum was in the kitchen cooking dinner and my dad was still getting ready i rushed down the stairs and opend up the door. there i saw Pheobe and Daisy wearing matching outfits, Lottie and Fizzy on there phones ,Louis, and there mum Jay. i must say Louis was looking Hot! '' hey guys! come in!'' after a series of Heys and Hi's everybody came in and took there seats in the dining room where my dada was sitting.


After Dinner~ '' oh Hayley why dont you show everybody the rest of the house and then when you come down we can have dessert'' " yea sure " so i stood up gesturing for the guys to follow me

After going through the whole house the only room left was my bedroom. '' and this here guys is my bed room'' i opened the door to my Purple and Zebra print room Louis and I stood at the door as the girls explored. " hey girls why dont you go downstaris and grab some dessert?'' Lou said " ok" Lottie said.

after they all left i walked over to my bed and sat on it. Louis walked over and sat next to me. " i just wanted to get us alone so i could say- well see Hayley i really like you and well yea" i was shocked. was i really ready for a relationship? i've never even had a boyfriend before, and the only kiss i've ever had was when Niall and I were thirteen and we wanted to see what it felt like, turns out it lasted about a second before we both pulled away and cracked up laughing. as i snapped back to reality i just relised that Lou jst asked me could i say no? " of course! i really like you too BooBear." and i happend he leand in to kiss me and hey i didn't refuse, we were looking into eachothers eyes god thoses beutiful eyes of his, we were about a centimeter awayfrom eachother and just as he went to lean in to seal the deal we heard " Come On Lou were leaving what are you even doing i- WOAH!'' Lottie just stood at the door with her hand over her mouth, " Lott please dont tell anyone about this! Please!" " why cant i tell" "just because, do it for brother boo please" Louis stuck his bottom lip out. i giggled when he said 'brother boo' " ok but lets go" " thanks Lottie" and then she left the room " well i guess i'll see you tommorow meet me out the front at 8 ok?" " ok Lou byee" i watched Lou leave the room still fantasiing about whether that actually happend or not. i was awoken from my thoughts by the phone ringing. i reached over and answered it " Hello Hayley Speaking"  










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