Brought Together As 1

i know you individually but will i recognise you as one?


24. Date.

"Hey!" I yelled to liam who was sitting on a park bench. "Oh hey Hayley!" I sat down next to him and took a deep breath. "have you talked to Ruth since this morning?" "Um no why?" "Oh well that Amy chick? Yea, She just barged into the room, called me a slut and a bitch a few times, told me you were hers, and that I'm never allowed to go near you and that she was your girlfriend, also supposedly you called her to tell her to tell me that you cancelled" I said in one breath, i need to stop doing that. "Is that it, because it sounds like theres more, and what does Ruth have to do with this?" Liam sounded worried. I loved the fact that he was so protective of his sisters, even though he is younger. "Well Ruth, told her that you are not her boyfriend and she wishes she was. The worst part is, Amy got up and slapped Ruth across the face twice. but Mrs D came in and Amy had to go to her office and I assumed she is in big trouble judging by the look and her face when she was walking back to her room." "Oh my?! is Ruth ok!?" "Yea, yea she's fine, now what was it that you wanted to finish?" "Oh I think it went something like this" he said as he leaned in and kissed me. He wrapped his arms around my waist and I wrapped mine around his neck. We stayed like that for what felt like forever but were interuptted by my phone ringing. I pulled back. "I am so sorry," I look down at the screen and the caller I.D had Zayn's picture on. "It's fine, I'll meet you in Nandos, we can grab some food" Liam said. "Ok, sorry!" i yelled as he walked to Nandos. I picked up my phone and pressed on the answer button. [H= Hayley, Z= Zayn, just easier for phone calls.] 

H- Hello?

Z- Hayley! Where are you! I went past your house and your mum said you weren't there?

H- Oh Zayn, I'm sorry i didn't tell you, i couldn't! 

Z- tell me what?

H- Zayn. I'm in Wolverhampton. 

Z- what are you doing there? We have our exam tomorrow, you might want to get back soon!

H- My parents sent me here to go to a boarding school. after I failed Math and Science, and were with you. 

Z- what do you mean, 'were with me'

H- My mum doesn't like you, hey Zayn I have to go, I'll call you tonight and I can explain in depth ok?

Z- ok, bye

H- bye!

I hung up the phone and walked to Nandos. we ordered and were in the middle of eating when Liam's phone rang. It was Nicole asking if he knew where i was. "I better go then" "Ok, i'll meet you here tomorrow 5?" "5 is good, bye Liam." "Bye Hayley"


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