Brought Together As 1

i know you individually but will i recognise you as one?


21. Caught

Oh no. "I did not just see you and Liam kissing did I, oh my god" Ruth said, trying to convince herself to think we didn't kiss. "Ruth you misunderstand, Liam was just telling me how guilty he feels, about you and Nicole having to live here because you were doing him a favour and got caught, we were just hugging" i said quickly. "Yea, I didn't know who else to tell" Liam added. "Really? Thats not what it looked like!" "Really!" I said as Nicole came out. "What is going on out here?" She yelled, by now Liam and I were on our feet. "Nothing, look sorry guys but I have to go home, got work in an hour." "Liam, You don't have a job..." "Uh yea, did I forget to tell you, Oh i did, Mc Donalds hired me, bye!" He yelled as he ran down the hall and turned the corner to the stairs. He left a note in my hand, he had obviously pre-pared this. it said 'At 3, tell the girls you're going to go explore the town, meet me at the park. please we need to finish this off, xoxo Liam.' Gosh he is adorable. I went to walk into the room when I was stopped by Ruth and Nicole, "What were you really doing? we can tell when Liam is lying, His ears twitch." that was a fact I am going to keep! "I told you! he needed someone to talk to" They won't let this go will they?





~Authors Note.~ SO SORRY! It's really short, I'll update later tonight though! I promise!

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