Brought Together As 1

i know you individually but will i recognise you as one?


31. Boys?

"Oh My God! HEY!" I yelled as ran and gave each of them a hug. "When did you get here?" Liam asked. Suddenly all the memories from the day I woke came back. "How do you guys know each other?" I asked them.  Trying to ignore Liam. "You don't know?" Harry said. "What are you talking about?! What don't I know?" "Well, we each auditioned for the XFactor, we all got rejected, but then they called us back and put us in a group. We ended up coming third!" Louis said eagerly. "Wow! So,did you know each other previously?" "We met once at the hospital, when you were in that crash but that was it." Zayn said. "Can we please talk? Alone?" Liam said. "I can't I have to go sown to the lobby, but, I guess you can walk with me?" "Cool, lads I'll see you later." "Why don't you come back to our room and we can chill, how long are you here for?" Niall asked. "2 and a half weeks, Yep I'll met you later." They all replied with yep's and yea's and walked down the hall back to the room. "So why were you walking to the elevator?" "Oh, Niall wanted food, but I'll order it and room service can bring it up." "Ok, so what did you wanna talk about?" "Listen, Hayley. I'm so sorry about everything, I shouldn't have left that day but the more I stood there and saw you cry the more guilty I felt. I was hoping that we could try that date again?" "No Liam! I remember everything. I didn't then but I do now! I know that you didn't mean anything you said! I know that those kisses don't mean anything too you! And I that deep down you really do like Amy! So don't go and pretend like it can all just go to the past because it can't! Whats done is done, and just a friendly reminder, you did it!"  The elevator door opened and I stepped out leaving Liam there. I walked to the front desk and saw Ruth standing behind counter. "Ruth!?" "Oh my gosh Hayley! Hi! When did you get here? I thought you moved to Australia?" "Yea I did, but Just got back about half an hour ago to meet up with some old friends." "Last time I saw you, you were lying in a hospital bed, un-concious." "Yea well, What about you? you graduated? did you end up going to college?" "No, the hotel offered me great hours and great money so now I'm here!" "Wow! well anyway my mum just wanted another towel? for our room." "Sure what room?" "Level 8 room  223" "ok that'll be up within the next 15 minutes." "Ok, thanks, it was great to catch up!" "Yea it was, we have to have lunch or something while your here." "Yes we will," "alright bye! "Bye!" I walked to the elevator and pressed the up button. 

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