Brought Together As 1

i know you individually but will i recognise you as one?


35. Be Mine?

Niall, Liam and I waited for about 15 minutes in really awkward silence for he other boys but that was interrupted by Niall. "Hayey, can I please talk to you outside?" "Um, sure." He grabbed my arm and we walked out into the corridor. "Is Liam, pissed at me, for kissing you last  night?" "No, I don't think so, but why did you kiss me last night?" "Well, honestly I've been in love with you for the past 18 years and the chance was there, so I went for it." I was shocked. I used to like Niall, but when I moved the first time I got over him. A little. Maybe. No. I still liked him in more than a friendly way, but I never thought he would feel the same way. "I love you too!" I leaned in and kissed him with so much passion. "Um gu- Oh my god not again!" Liam said, as Niall and I broke apart. "Well, I was just going to say the boys thought Starbucks sounded great." "I'm sorry, I don't feel like Starbucks, I'm gonna go back to my room.!" I said starting to run back down the hall. "Hayley! Hayley stop! HAYLEY!" Liam yelled from behind. I reached my room. I pulled out my key and and unlocked the door but as I went to close the door something was stopping it. Liam's foot. By now I was in tears. "You love him don't you. You want to be with him." He said "Liam, you have no idea whats going on in my head right now!" "You're right! I don't! So go ahead and tell me you have been thinking about. Niall, Niall, Niall and um oh maybe NIALL!" "Are you that jealous!" Niall yelled running down the hall. "What is all this racket?! Hello Niall! Fancy seeing you here! We're just about to go and see your Mum, how have you been?" My mum said coming out to us all. "Hi, yea been good, how about you?" Niall said giving my mum a hug. "Good thanks, Now Hayley, we better get going soon, we're leaving in two hours so if you want to go and 'chill out' with the boys you can." Great just what I needed. "Yea come on Hayley." Liam said grabbing my hand and leading me down the hall back to his room. Once we got inside we started arguing again. "You think I'm JEALOUS!" Liam shouted. I walked over to the corner and just curled up and sobbed. I had causes this "Well unless you can explain why you'd say that yeah I think you are." "Guys shut up both of you, look!" Harry yelled over the top of both of them pointing to me. "Hayley, I'm sorry" Niall said picking me up and hugging me. Liam just left the room. "Do you want to come back to my room? It'll be quieter there I promise. Niall was the only one that knew how much I hated loud places. "Yes please." He scooped me up in a cradle and took me to his room. He set me down on the bed and then sat beside me. "I'm sorry, for causing all that." I said barely audible. "No, It wasn't your fault at all, Liam's just been a bit tense since he broke up wi-" "With who?" "Danielle, his gir- ex girlfriend." "Did you really mean it, when you said you'd loved me for the last 18 years?" "Every word!" He leaned in and we kissed for a long time. Eventually we broke apart and just got under the covers of the bed and cuddled. "Will you be mine?" Niall said. "I'd love to be yours." 

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