She died a lot inside but she still survived.

She took lots of hits but she stood up and continued.

She told me her story and how she passed all her hellish days.

She was voiceless.

She's tough. I liked her that way.


This story is about this lass named Hana.

Always happy, eager and energetic.

I never saw her frown or shed a single tear.

But beneath all of her is a fragile and lonely soul.

Scarred but not dead.


2. The Talk.

As we walked down the hallway, I can feel stares from behind. Every one is probably thinking that I'm a kiss-up or a teacher's pet, or that's what Rebecca told them I was. I looked at the floor being very conscious of my surroundings.


Miss Karen's house is just a couple of houses away from ours so my parents know her a bit. On the way, silence took over. Her house came in sight soon which made the air less tensed. When we came in, no one still spoke. Man her house is small. How could she live in a place like our dog house.


"So this is where I live. Sit on the couch over there." I did as she said and she went to, I think, was the kitchen.


"Help yourself with the sweets on the table" she shouted from where she was.


"It's okay, I don't eat sweets." I said in reply.


A couple of minutes later, she went back. "Come here! Food's ready." She served food I have never encountered in my life before.


"What is this? " I said as I raised the piece of meat with my fork. "It looks like dog food" I added. Her face went serious. Did I say something something bad? 


"That is edible food for humans. Eat it , you'll like it." I chewed on the food which was surprisingly edible. I continued on eating until I heard her cough.


"So Hana, how's school?" 


I stopped chewing my food and looked at her. "Fine. Why'd you ask?"


"Mmm.. Nothing. You just seemed.... alone every time I see you."


I'm alone every time you see me? What's the surprise in that? I've been alone since then. Nothing has changed.


"You just don't catch the time I'm with my friends Maám." I said and took a huge gulp of water. "Well, I need to go now Miss Karen. I have assignments to do. Thank you for dinner." I added then stood up and left not listening to whatever she said after



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