She died a lot inside but she still survived.

She took lots of hits but she stood up and continued.

She told me her story and how she passed all her hellish days.

She was voiceless.

She's tough. I liked her that way.


This story is about this lass named Hana.

Always happy, eager and energetic.

I never saw her frown or shed a single tear.

But beneath all of her is a fragile and lonely soul.

Scarred but not dead.


1. Trouble

I have no confidence.


Why would I need it anyway? No one seems to appreciate me.


Everyday, they bring me hell. And I have no voice, no will, no power, to fight back.


"Hana dear, why don't you go seat with the others?" My teacher said not knowing how much I hated just to enter school. I looked over to where she was pointing. I met eyes with the girl named Rebecca. She's the main reason I have no one with me. I quickly turned back to my work.


"No thanks Ms. Karen, I think I work better alone." I said not looking at her. I visioned her shrugging. She replied a simple 'Okay' then went back on roaming around the class.


Since Pre-scool, nobody dared to talk to me. I don't know what the deal is with Rebecca but she has everyone on her side. What she wants, she gets. If she doesn't, she still gets it anyway. I continued to work on the activity. I guess, ignoring them back is the only thing I could do. Since then until now, that's what I've been doing. And I'm still alive.


I quickly finished and walked over to the teacher's table. "Hana, please stay after class" I walked back to my seat. Great, just great. What did Becca say now? Ugh. I hate staying over.


The others finished their work soon and left. Becca shot me a death glare before leaving. I looked over the window just to avoid her stare. Now that I look at it, the sky being tainted with pink and orange is very beautiful. A hint of sadness hit me. I sulk up about everything not noticing the beauty of the sky. "Hana. Come here." I snapped out of my thoughts as I heard her. I stood up and walked over to her.


"Grab a chair and sit down" and I did. "So.. Hana... How are you today?" She chirped grinning.


"Fine I guess." I replied with a bit of questioning in my tone.


"You hungry?"


"Quite. Why did you ask for my presence here in the first place?" I asked with subtle annoyance.


"Let's discuss the matter over some dinner my house. I already told your parents you will be coming late from school." Her statement scared me. What trouble am I in for?

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