Back For You

Sequel to Taken. When Katherine Cole comes back to her former boyfriend in California she faces severe changes. Ryan has lost every memory of her and no is longer acting like he was when he dated her. He is back to his old old self. This Ryan is not a goody smart guy, instead he's complete opposite. While Katherine is trying to fix things there, Zayn is trying to get back at Katherine. Zayn deep down wants to go back to Katherine, but is hurt at the way she left him and wants her to realize her mistake for leaving him. What's going to happen with Zayn and Katherine now that they have gone their separate ways?


3. Vegas/Back in California

Katherine's P.O.V.:
They were planning on going to Vegas. I have never been to Vegas before. I know that the place is filled with strippers and other dirty kinds of shows and people. I’ve seen Las Vegas on the telly and have also heard that on Elvis song a bunch of times. From commercials, the place seemed exciting. But I wasn’t feeling much excitement knowing that I’m in a car with a stranger and a person I used to know.

In about another two hours, the sun was beginning to set. The dark desert landscape was beginning to disappear as we came closer to Vegas. I gasped at the beautiful site of lights. The lights shined in the dark night.

It was even more fantastic as we drove down The Strip. We started driving past the Sahara hotel and made our way into traffic. I completely forgot about being taken away, I was too intrigued at the gorgeousness of the city.

“Viva Las Vegas.” Hunter sung.

The streets were packed with tourists taking dozens of photographs. I brought down my window and felt the heat enter the air conditioned car. It must be a hundred degrees out here, I thought.

The people of the street varied. There were people in suits and costumes hoping to make a dime out of snapping photographs with people. What I saw, that I found odd, was a drunken “Winnie The Pooh” lying against a wall holding a beer bottle. There was a man in a pink show girl outfit bugging people as they walked by. I laughed at seeing it scare people.

I turned my attention back to the hotels and city. We were now passing the Bellagio Hotel. Water shot out through the pool in front. It was a spectacular and pretty at night. The cool air blew to my face and it was nice from the heat.

“Wow.” I smiled.

We continued to go past the hotels and sightseeing places. I was beginning to wonder which hotel-if we were even staying at a hotel- we’re going to be at. “Which hotel are you planning on staying at?” I asked Hunter who was humming to a rap song playing.

“We were planning on sleeping in the car if you don’t mind.” Hunter answered turning the volume down.

“You had better be joking. I’m not sleeping in this seat.” I said.

“Relax…you can sleep in the trunk!” Ryan chuckled.

I hit his arm and as I did so, Hunter was already entering a parking for a hotel. The hotel was a dark Egyptian pyramid. I caught a glimpse at the hotel’s name: The Luxor.

After about ten times circling the place for parking, we finally found a place to park at the very end of the parking lot. Hunter and Ryan got out of the car and I was left inside whilst they were taking their things out of the trunk.

I tried to open the door next to me and it was locked. I reached over to the front side of the car and pressed the button unlocking all the doors. I opened the door and stepped out stretching my arms and back. “That was a long ride.”

Ryan and Hunter both just noticed me outside the car and Ryan quickly grabbed my arm thinking I’d run off.

“Where would I run off to Ryan? I don’t have anywhere to go. I don't even have a freaking mobile or any money.” I told annoying him.

“Well let’s get a move on before you got a chance to run off.” Hunter grabbed the suitcases out of the trunk.

I walked right beside Ryan through the crowd of people inside the hotel. The hotel was such a hotel I’ve never been in before. It kept its shape of the pyramid inside and I wondered who stayed at the very top of the place.

I coughed as we walked through the casinos. The air was filled with cigarette smoke.

I was glad we finally got out of the casinos. I took a deep breath of the slightly cleaner air and followed Hunter and Ryan to the manager’s office.

Hunter began speaking with a person I assume was the manager. He got a card from the manager and we headed out of the office.

“Your dad still friends with the guy?” Ryan asked Hunter as we stepped into the lift.

Hunter nodded, “Yup. We are covered.”

We got off at the eleventh floor. We made a few left and rights and finally got to a room. The hotel room was really clean. The window was slanted. It was slanted because of the pyramid form of the hotel.

I counted only two beds in the room, “Guys there are only two beds in the room and there are three people.”

“Mhm.” Hunter sounded out.

They dragged each put their suitcase next to their beds. I leaned against the wall trying to think as they put their things in different places.

“What am I going to do here?” I asked.

“Whatya talking about? It’s Vegas baby,” Hunter jumped onto his bed. He turned his head to me and winked, “remember, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” 

“What the hell am I going to do in Vegas if I don’t have any money, food, clothes, contacts- phone or-“

“Katherine shut up! Here take this! Go buy yourself whatever the heck you want!” Ryan threw money at me and I caught it my hands.

I stared at it in shock and looked back up at him wide eyed. Not only did he finally say my actual name, but there was about six hundred dollars out of nowhere in my hands.

“Where did you-“ I asked.

“Don’t ask. Just go do whatever you want. Buy clothes, waste it on drinks- it’s yours.” Ryan said.

“Uh-tha-“ I was about to thank him.

“Yeah now go.” Ryan waved his hand and shooshed me off.

I turned to leave and stopped, “Wait. I don’t this place at all. I don’t have a phone. What if I get lost or something?”

Ryan and Hunter took a second too read each others face, having a mental conversation. They both nodded agreeing on something and Ryan got up and took my phone’s battery of his pocket and held his hand out with it in it.

I reached in to grab it but he put his hand up in the air, “Uh uh uh. You can have this as long as you do not call anyone but us two. You cannot call 911 or you parents and tell them what has happened to you. You understand? Or else…”

I raised a brow, “Or else what?”

Ryan smirked the way he’s smirked before. I knew that he didn’t know what he would do. So he hesitantly handed the battery and I left the room.

I wandered the streets of Vegas for two hours. I walked up and down the strip passing by the strangest and prettiest things in the city. I bought bags of clothes and accessories but made sure I saved some money for other things.

I didn’t call anyone. I thought about it, and was about to dial a few people, but stopped and thought. I thought that I should stay here with them for a couple nights. Maybe I can get the old Ryan back. I could hang around him and deal with his bad attitude and find a way to get his good self-back. 

And plus, I’d like to hang out in Las Vegas for a bit. It’ll be a new experience or adventure I suppose.

I smiled putting on my new sunglasses on. I walked back to down the strip admiring the lights.

As I continued waking down the street when is stopped in my tracks when I saw a poster above on a hotel. There on the poster were the gorgeous faces of the one and only One Direction. It says that they are going to have a concert in a week.


Zayn’s P.O.V.:

“Blue or purple?” Perrie asked me holding up two dresses in front of her.

We were in her dressing room and Perrie was getting ready for her concert. I decided to tag along to support her.

Perrie and I were going pretty good dating so far. She is totally in love with me which really made me feel guilty. I liked her, but not in the way that she liked me. I tried to make myself to feel the way she does, but all I ever do is think of is Katherine.

“Zayn?” She asked staring at me.

I brought my attention back at her and pointed at the blue dress, “Blue looks good.”

“Really? I was thinking purple, but I guess blue will look good.” Perrie said in thought. She put the purple dress down and began wearing the blue one.

I didn’t even bother to watch her put on her dress. I was playing with my phone and scrolling through twitter. I clicked on Kat’s twitter name and it said that the account was no longer there.

I figured that she deleted her account after all the hate she got. Maybe that’s another reason why she left. She couldn’t take this much attention and thought that it’s best to leave.

“Zayn I’m ready. Let’s go.” Perrie said taking my hand and leaving the dressing room. She went out onto the stage with her three other best friends to perform. I stayed backstage clapping after every song but thinking of other things.

After the show, Perrie and I were taken to her hotel. I couldn’t stay with her tonight because I had to leave to go back to the U.S.A. I was nervous going back there. We had a few shows and a couple interviews. Too bad we were going to California first. I was really tempted to go back to Katherine but I didn’t at the same time.

I walked Perrie to her hotel room. She was talking about how much fun the show was and what some fans had gotten her or something like that. My mind was thinking about America and Katherine. I can’t seem to get over her.

“Don’t you think?” Perrie asked me as I came out of my thoughts.


“That the cupcakes the little girl made me was just too cute?” She asked.

“Oh. Yeh they were cool.” I told her.

We finally got to her hotel door and she stopped at the door. “You okay Zayn?” Perrie asked.

I nodded and lied, “Yeah. I just…I’m going to really miss you when I’m gone.”  I hated lying, but I didn’t want her to find out that I still have major feelings for Katherine.

“Awe. I’m going to miss you too,” She gave me a hug, “I’ll talk to you whilst you there. I love you.”

She said it. She said I love you. I can’t go that far already. I haven’t even felt the same way as her yet. I didn’t know whether I should say it back or not. So when she pulled apart, I immediately went in for a kiss and hoped that can be something in response.

We pulled apart and she smiled. I scratched the back of my head and yawned, “I’ll call you when I get there. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight Zayn.” Perrie said back opening the door and giving me a peck on the cheek. She then went into her room and shut the door. I leaned against the wall and took a big breath and let it out.

The plane ride to the United States was long and tiring. We had a private plane so it was comfortable, but the other boys just continued to disturb me and my sleeping.

“You going to visit Kat Zayn?” Liam asked me popping his head behind my seat.  

I opened my eyes from sleeping, “Wha-No mate.”

“You sure….?” Liam asked.

“Yes I’m sure!” I said angrily.

Liam pulled away and sat back in his seat, “Okay…We’ll see.”

I grunted and went back to sleep.

We finally reached America and our first destination: California. It was about eight a.m. when we arrived.

We went to our hotel and the boys immediately threw themselves onto their beds and went to sleep. It's a good I sleep in the plane and they didn't. I sat in the hotel trying to relax, but couldn’t. I needed to see her. I wanted to see her. I needed her.

I tiptoed out the room and I heard Liam chuckle knowing what I was going to do. I went to find her and to get her back.  

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