Back For You

Sequel to Taken. When Katherine Cole comes back to her former boyfriend in California she faces severe changes. Ryan has lost every memory of her and no is longer acting like he was when he dated her. He is back to his old old self. This Ryan is not a goody smart guy, instead he's complete opposite. While Katherine is trying to fix things there, Zayn is trying to get back at Katherine. Zayn deep down wants to go back to Katherine, but is hurt at the way she left him and wants her to realize her mistake for leaving him. What's going to happen with Zayn and Katherine now that they have gone their separate ways?


4. Sorry it's on hold :/





Okay so.....I haven't been posting very often...yeah.....

The reason is homework..

My teachers have been giving me a whole load of work to do and its been REALLY stressful... :/

And tomorrow we have to take the tests that everyone's require to take at the end of the year and I've been focusing on studying on sorry I haven't been able to post..

It's a bit of writer's block that's causing this too.......

So sorry for these lame pretexts and I will post a new chapter in a few weeks (2-3 weeks)!

sorry for the wait and thanks if your willing to wait (:

Byeeee broskis <3

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