Back For You

Sequel to Taken. When Katherine Cole comes back to her former boyfriend in California she faces severe changes. Ryan has lost every memory of her and no is longer acting like he was when he dated her. He is back to his old old self. This Ryan is not a goody smart guy, instead he's complete opposite. While Katherine is trying to fix things there, Zayn is trying to get back at Katherine. Zayn deep down wants to go back to Katherine, but is hurt at the way she left him and wants her to realize her mistake for leaving him. What's going to happen with Zayn and Katherine now that they have gone their separate ways?


2. Kidnapped

Ryan’s P.O.V.:

I was shocked and confused when I woke up. I didn’t know where I was. Once I came to realize that I was in a hospital, I began to panic. All the equipment around me and the smallness of the room was making me feel confined. I hated hospitals; it brought back memories that I don’t want to think about.

After taking a second to examine my surroundings I saw her. The girl whom I felt kiss me. She stood there. She had brown wavy hair and pretty eyes. She was pretty and hot. She came to me and seemed relieved to know I was alive. I of course was confused and I couldn’t care less on how she felt. All I cared about was leaving this hospital.

And then Lily walked in. She was beautiful as ever. Her strawberry hair flows down her shoulders and a wide nice smile grew on her face. When I saw her, I completely forgot about the other chick next to me. It felt like ages I hadn’t seen her. My heart leaped when she hugged me.

When she left to get the room I was disappointed, but I also had my chance to get my way out of here. I really had an urge to get smoke a cigarette.

I was left with the girl who had kissed me. So I began tried talking to her hoping to get her to help me get out of here now.

“So Katyln-“ I started.

“Katherine.” She corrected. She was really annoying me now. So I tried to talk as politely as I can to her.

“Whatever, how do you and I know each other?” I asked. I guess I didn’t sound very polite and she stormed out of the room with a whole load of attitude.

“Jeez, what’s gotten into her?” I asked myself. I was glad that she left. I didn’t want to deal with whatever has gotten into her and I didn’t need her help anyway.

I began unwiring all the things attached to me. It was difficult at first because it was all twisted and there were a lot all over the place. I also had a fractured arm so that made it even more of a challenge.

Once I had untangled and managed to take all the things off me, I slowly got up. I winced in pain when I slowly rose up. My butt was sore because of lying on the bed for so long. I took baby steps; practicing my walking.

My leg really hurt, but I could manage to limp. I searched for some of my clothes in the cabinets and luckily found a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt. I quickly, but cautiously, slipped into them.

 I looked into the mirror and used my better hand to fix my face up a bit. I ripped the few bandages off my face revealing little stitches. I touched the stitches with my fingers and felt the bumps from the sewed strings.

I began thinking on what might have happened that caused me to get this stuff. Did I get into another fight at school? If I did then that must have been some sick fight I wish I could remember.

I took a cell phone lying on the table and stuffed into my pocket. When I looked a little more normal I walked out the room closing the door behind me. I walked out the room as casually as I could. No one seemed to notice. The hospital seemed pretty empty itself. The nurses had their backs turn on me and some were busy gossiping. I managed to get past all of the workers.

I half walked and half limped my way through the building in search for an elevator. As I waited for the elevator to come up, I heard Lily’s voice down the hall. I quickly limped my way around the corner and waited until I couldn’t hear her voice again.

When I thought the coast was clear and I went back to elevator and rode it down hoping to leave the place without getting caught.

I reached into my pocket and took out the cell phone that I had taken from my room. I was planning on calling my friend Hunter and see if he and I can leave town. As I thought about what I was going to say, the phone turned on and on the home screen was a picture of me kissing a girl on the cheek. The girl was Katherine.

Katherine’s P.O.V.:

“Your boyfriend is crazy,” Marc said to me.

“My ex-boyfriend,” I corrected, “yes is crazy.”

I followed wherever Marc was going. He was a pretty fast walker. I had to really keep up speed with him. We went into multiple rooms checking for any signs of him. I kept an eye out for his dirty blonde hair.

I didn’t even want to look for him after the way he acts now. I needed to though. I didn’t want him to get into deeper trouble or even more hurt. Plus how could have left his room with all that stuff on him?

I called Lily and she said that she was searching also. The intercom announced his name and gave a little information so that someone can find him.

I was beginning to think that he might have already found his way out of the place. I stopped Marc, “I don’t think he’s here. I think he’s already left the hospital. I can go out and look for him.”

“Alright. If you catch him honey, make sure you bring him back here.” Marc said.

I nodded and we separated. I went back down to the main entrance of the hospital.

I searched the bathrooms. Yes I also went into the men’s loo, but it’s for an emergency. I was sure he wasn’t anywhere in the hospital. So I speed walked to the exit and saw Ryan getting into someone’s car.

“Hey!” I shouted at him. I ran to him and stopped the door from closing. I held the car door wide open and Ryan looked very annoyed.

“What to do want now?” He asked annoyed.

“Who’s the girl?” A voice from inside the car asked. I bent over and saw a guy about our age was sitting in the driver’s seat. He had short messy black hair and hazel eyes. He also had a lip piercing. Ryan and I ignored answering his question.

“I want you to get your arse back to the hospital.” I spoke confidently.

“How about you get your ass back into the hospital and quit following me around.” Ryan said getting out of his seat and standing in front of me.

We were face to face and I swear I wanted to punch him so badly. “I’m calling them to come and get you.”  I pulled out my mobile and began dialing Lily’s number.

He grabbed my arm with a tight grip, “You’re not saying anything.”

Ryan took my mobile and threw it into the car. He opened the back car door and pushed me into the car locking me in with them. I kept trying to unlock the door and go out but they wouldn’t let me.

Ryan sat back into the car, “If you won’t go back there then you’re coming with me.”

“All right! Let’s go!” The driver exclaimed starting the car and driving off in a fast speed. .

“What are you doing? Where are you going?” I asked panicking.

 “Somewhere away from here.” Ryan said.

“Seriously Ryan where are you-“ I stopped talking when Ryan held his phone in my face.

“Is that you?” Ryan asked aggressively.

I didn’t answer him. Instead I just stared at the picture reliving the day in my head. It was on our second date when we went to the beach. He and I spent some time taking random pictures and I guess he happened to like this picture a lot so he made it his home screen.

The image in my head was ruined when Ryan spoke again, “Well is it?”

“Erm..yes yes it is.” I answered quietly.

Ryan pulled the phone away from my face. I leaned over to see what he was doing. He was looking at the picture trying to remember when that was taken.

His friend took a look over at the phone and asked, “So you two dating or-“

“No!” I said quickly.

“Psh. She isn’t good enough to be with me anyway.” Ryan said sounding even more like a jerk.

I raised my eyebrows, “Excuse me? What the bloody hell. No girl would want to be with such a-“

His friend cleared his throat really loudly and interrupted are barking, “I get it. You two aren’t dating.”

I narrowed my eyes, “Who are you anyway?”

The guy looked at me through the rearview mirror, “I’m Hunter, his friend.”

“Okay Hunter, where are you taking me?” I asked him hoping he’d answer me.

“You’ll find out.” Ryan answered for him.

“I wasn’t talking to you.” I snapped at Ryan.

“You two better not fight constantly on the ride or I’ll lock both of your asses in a room where you can rip each other’s heads off.” Hunter urged.

I sighed, “Give me my phone.” I held my hand out but and Ryan gave my phone to me.

Relieved, I was planning on calling 911 or Lily when I realized my phone wouldn’t turn on.

“Why won’t it turn on? What did you do?” I asked. Pressing the on and home button.

“Magic.” Hunter said.

I ignored their chuckles and I examined my phone. I continued to press the buttons and then began hitting it softly. At this point we were on the freeway and they found a way for me to shut up for a few minutes.

“Have you tried batteries?” Ryan asked. I didn’t even think about the phone’s battery. I all of a sudden felt really stupid for not checking that.

I opened the place where the mobile’s battery is supposed to be in and found nothing there.

“Give me the battery!” I whined.

“You just asked for your phone and there it is.” Ryan said.

After another little argument with Ryan and another threat from Hunter, we all finally shut up and the car was quiet.

So after staring out the freeway and playing with the phone in my hand I began to get tired. I closed my eyes and took a nap.

About two hours later I was awoken to the blast of rap music. I groaned and lifted my head from the car window.

“There that’s the CD!” Hunter exclaimed. Both of them were bobbing there heads to the rap song.

Ryan noticed me wake up, “Looks like you’re up. Go back to sleep we have a long ride princess.”

“Where are we going?” I asked again demanding for an answer. Ryan ignored me and went back to talking about the song with Hunter.

I looked out the window and thought about where he might be taking me. One idea was Mexico. Oh god what if we are going to Mexico?

I shuffled in my seat and stared out into the freeway we were on. The area seemed to change. There were more desert like cliffs and we were definitely out of the city. I didn’t see many buildings near by us at all.

It was really hot so I slowly reached my hand in between Hunter and Ryan to turn on the AC. Ryan gave my hand a little smack, “What are you doing?”

“It’s hot and I want to turn on the air.” I said going ahead and turning the air condition on. The air blew in my face and it refreshed me.

“You could always take off your clothes.” Hunter said.

“Ha ha very funny.” I said sarcastically.

I did what Ryan said and went back to sleep. And after another two hours of driving I woke up to a really bumpy road. I looked out the window and the geography completely changed.

It was now all desert and we were on the only road there. The place seemed pretty but scary because I had no idea where we were.

“Okay guys seriously where are we?” I asked sounding scared.

“Does that sign answer your question?” Ryan asked me. I looked out the right window and there was a sign slowly appearing closer and we drove.

The sign said: Vegas: 150 miles away.
Great, they are kidnapping me and taking me to Vegas.


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