Back For You

Sequel to Taken. When Katherine Cole comes back to her former boyfriend in California she faces severe changes. Ryan has lost every memory of her and no is longer acting like he was when he dated her. He is back to his old old self. This Ryan is not a goody smart guy, instead he's complete opposite. While Katherine is trying to fix things there, Zayn is trying to get back at Katherine. Zayn deep down wants to go back to Katherine, but is hurt at the way she left him and wants her to realize her mistake for leaving him. What's going to happen with Zayn and Katherine now that they have gone their separate ways?


6. Had Fun..

Chapter 5:

We finally reached the top of the hotel where the line for the ride was at. The place was crowded with teenagers and little kids in the arcade. It was actually nice to be past all the smoke filling the casinos down on the first floor of every hotel. The smell of cigarettes reminded me of Zayn and his habit. I wondered if would ever stop inhaling the toxins the cancer stick provided him.

There were yellow lockers on the walls and people were sliding in coins to put their belongings in. I went to one of them and dug into my pocket and couldn’t find a quarter.

A hand put quarter in front of my face and took it from it. I looked over to my right and asked for more quarters from Ryan.

“Give me another two.” I said impatiently. I think I was acting like this because of the uneasiness the look of the roller coaster gave me.

Ryan smirked, “What do you say?”

“Give it to me Ryan. Or you’ll have to pay for my mobile getting crushed to pieces.” I went in for his pocket and he grabbed my wrist.

“Ah…Say please.” Ryan taught.

“Shut up.” I said using my other hand to reach into his pocket. I crossed over my arm that in hold and went into his pocket. He grabbed onto that wrist also tightly.

“Let go Ryan.” I not amused.

“Not until you ask properly.” He said.

His fell on mine and we took a short stare. He looked distracted in my eyes and so I took this opportunity to get out of his grip.

I made my move, but the second I flinched he turned me over and I was against his chest. I felt his hot breath on my neck and I began breathing faster remembering the last time he fully had me in his grip. I was beginning to feel fearful and I tried to fight my way off of him.

He let me go easily, “Aye what’s your issue.”

I decided to shake the fear of him off, “Nothing just give me the quarters…please.”

He grinned and reached into his pocket to hand me a few quarters. He handed it to me and I slid them into the locker lock and it opened up. I took my stuff and put it into the locker.

I held my hand out. Ryan gave me a puzzled look. I sighed, “Give me your stuff to put in there.”

He handed me his phone and just has it was in my hands a text from Hunter popped up.

Hunter: Where did she go?

“Your idiot friend is asking you where I went.” I threw his phone into the locker and shut it.

“Wait,” Ryan reached for his phone but I had already shut the locker door.

“Too late. Now let’s go ride the coaster…” I said uneasily.

Ryan walked beside me and stood in front of me stopping me. “You don’t understand Katherine. I need to talk to him. He might seem like an idiot, but he is serious trouble if you mess with him. Let me tell him that-“

I took his hand cutting him off. He looked kind of shocked when I took his hand. I looked into his nice grey eyes and reminded him of what his purpose of bringing me here was. “We’re supposed to have fun remember. Now let’s go. Forget Hunter and let’s go.”

Before he could say anything else I pulled him towards the curtailed line for the roller coaster. I had no idea why I was putting myself in this much fear. I did not want to do this at all, but for getting Ryan back, I guess I had to face my fear again.

We stood in line for ten minutes and Ryan continued to ask to go get his phone. I don’t know what Hunter wants from Ryan and I don’t know why Ryan said Hunter was trouble. But the thought about the harm Hunter could bring was the least of my worries right now; I was too worried about riding another rollercoaster.


“No Ryan. Look we’re next,” I followed the arrow pointing to the last seats of the rollercoaster.

Ryan fidgeted around as we stood and watched the couple in front of us go aboard the ride. To my surprise, the man was the one who seemed to be the most nervous on riding the coaster. The woman held his hand and they smiled which led to a laugh. If only I was like that woman who wasn’t scared, I thought.

The coaster in front of us zoomed off and the screams roared causing me to feel nauseous. I held onto my stomach and ran off to the nearest trash can.

I stared into the trash bin and spat a few times. Ryan sprinted over to my side and patted my back and I pushed his arm away. 

“You okay?” Ryan asked almost sounding worried.

I nodded and took my face out from facing the inside of the trash bin. I pushed the hair out from my face and decided that I would ride. “Yeah. I’ll just uh shake it off. Let’s go ride!” I said quickly and began going into the line.

“No,” Ryan grabbed my hand and stopped me from going any further.

“What?” I asked.

“You’re not the roller coaster type. Why didn’t you tell me? I wouldn’t have taken you here.”

“Where would you have taken me?” I questioned.

“There are many places that we can have fun here.” Ryan grinned whilst I gave a puzzling look. Then I remembered that this was Vegas and that there’s a lot to do.

Zayn’s P.O.V.

All I wanted was to find Katherine and apologize once again and have her back. I was curious on how things turned out between her and Ryan. Did he live? Are they better together? Should I have not come back for her? All these questions filled my head as I drove a borrowed sports car.

Our hotel was located in Los Angeles so Katherine’s flat couldn’t have been too far away. Luckily, I had her address from the first time she gave it to me so I was able to find out where she was staying.

I drove down and up a couple hills always ending up getting a fantastic view of Los Angeles. The city of Los Angele was always a gorgeous sight at night. The lights shined reflecting a beautiful view of the city. The city gave me a little distraction from what I was doing.

It took me over two hours to find my way to her flat. The traffic in Los Angeles was a pain in the arse and only made everything slower.

I parallel parked my car in between two older rusty looking cars. I immediately I got out of my car and almost sprinted to the door.

I couldn’t control myself; I was too excited and nervous to see her. I was so close to her…

I slowly got myself to ring the doorbell. I waited patiently and after five minutes I began to doubt anyone would show up. I sighed and reminded myself that it’s nighttime which meant she was probably sleeping.

I told myself that if no one showed up within two minutes then I’d go. I crossed my arms and waited.

The door handle began to move and I heard someone unlocking the door. I smiled and got ready to see Katherine.

“Katherine? Katherine is that you?” I heard her mother’s voice from behind the door call out. Why was she calling out her daughter’s name?

The door swung open and her mother’s hopeful expression died. “Zayn?” She questioned squinting.

“Mrs. Cole. Nice to see you. I’m sorry for bothering you at this hour. I’m back in town and was wondering if Katherine was home?” I spoke.

“Oh Zayn.” She sobbed. She began cover her eyes and crying. My first instinct was to comfort her and so I gave her a hug. I had no clue to why she was crying as I spoke of Katherine.

My heart started to pump faster when the thought that something bad has happened to her came to mind.

“What’s happened…?” I asked more in worry than comfort.

“She-she-” Mrs. Cole pulled away from me.

“Tell me. Please.” I pled.

“Katherine’s has been missing for days now.” She informed me.

Katherine’s P.O.V.

“Where are you taking me?” I asked as I followed him down the strip.

He stopped and I stopped with him. “Here we are.” Ryan announced and we got into a line of  young people.

I examined the place where were standing in line to get into and it was an obvious nightclub.

“Ryan we can’t go in there. We have to be 21…” I told him as if he already didn’t know.

“You don’t think I know that. That’s why I made these…” He took out two identification cards out of his pocket.

I took them out from his hands and scrutinized the I.D. cards. It had the wrong information about me printed out, but it did have a photo of me. Overall they looked pretty legitimate, but I hesitantly gave the cards back to him. 

“Trust me; I’ve been using mine the whole time we were here. It’ll work.” Ryan reassured.

I never thought that Ryan would have such an alter ego. The Ryan I knew would never do any of this illegal stuff. He was safer and wiser; whereas this Ryan is a bit dumber and a troublemaker.

“Ryan I’m not going to do something illegal-”

“I’m taking you out to have fun. And this is our fun. Now you’re going in there with me alright.”

“I don’t want to get into trouble.” I said.

“Like I said, I’ve been using this the past few days and nothing has happened.” Ryan said proudly.

“What happened to Hunter…You didn’t bother looking at your phone when you got it back.” I pointed out hoping we’d leave.

Ryan sighed, “Tonight it’s just us.”  Ryan handed me my card. I held it in my sweaty hands and nervously waited. Finally when it was our turn, Ryan gave me a smile and we walked up in front of the two big men in front of the club.

Ryan went first. He showed the security guard his fake I.D. card without showing any signs of nervousness. The guards took a long glance at the card and back at Ryan’s face. Ryan just stood there confidently. The guard handed the card back to him and let Ryan make his way in.

And now I was to go and do something illegal. I did my best to hand over my card with confidence and look as casual as I can. As the guard examined the card and me, I kept looking over his shoulder and gazing at Ryan.

“You look younger than twenty-one kid. I don’t know about this…” The guard said.

My heart began to pump in fear that I was going to get caught. My palms got even sweatier.

Unable to find the right words Ryan popped into the situation and took it into his hands. “Sir, I can assure you that she is twenty-one….” Ryan went on and almost made a conversation out of trying to prove my fake age.

I think the guard was getting irritated and tired of Ryan’s chatter and let us go. My heart rate slowed down and Ryan and I began walking into the club.

“You annoyed the crap out of him, Ryan.” I laughed.

“Told you it was nothing.” Ryan grinned.

We walked in and it was the normal club like area. There was loud music playing, bodies dancing, and the smell of alcohol. We went over to a bar and that was where Ryan offered me a drink.

“Drink’s on me.” Ryan said.

I wasn’t in the mood for getting hungover the next day or doing anything I’d regret so I said no.

Ryan cocked his head, “C’mon Kat. Have a drink. It’s part of the fun.”

“Okay…Just one. But that’s all.” I gave in.

.                                .                                      .

“That was hilarious. Oh my gosh remember when the guy pushed over the stripper and she fell off the pole.” I laughed.

Ryan and I were walking back to the hotel room after a long night at the club. Ryan and I were almost drunk. We were having another laugh at the fight that went on in the club. The fight turned out to be pretty serious because the guys in it ended up having bad concussions and getting arrested, but what they did was too funny for us.

Ryan sometimes reenacting what happened which made me laugh harder. I laughed to the point that I snorted which made Ryan laugh.

I put my hand on his shoulder as we continued to discuss the incident at the club. We were getting a couple stares as we entered the hotel lobby, but neither of us cared.

Tonight had been fun and I did enjoy spending time with him.

We walked through the hallways and came to our room. Ryan pulled out the hotel keycard and opened the door.

That’s when our laughter died out. No one was in the room. The hotel was empty and our stuff was gone.

“Who took our things away and where’s Hunter?” I asked Ryan.

Ryan was busy searching the room to answer. He banged the table and took out his phone.

I stood a few feet away from him and watched him on the phone. “Who are you calling?” I asked anxiously.

“Hunter.” Ryan answered angrily. I couldn’t tell if he was on the phone or answering me.

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