One Direction Inspiration

It is about a shy girl that have a hard life in the school.The only thing that makes her feel better is the band One Direction. What will happen when she see the boys in one interview? She will be in love with one of them?


2. School time

My first class was biology. When the teacher enters , she told us about our next proyect of the bimester. I loved the idea, except of the part that we had to make it in teams because no one wanted to be with me. Why? Because I'm a shy girl and I do not talk very much. I was finding a team. First, I went with my "friend" Sofi to see if I could be with her, but she told me no. I knew she would said that because all the time in the proyects she made me the same thing all the time. My last option was Jane . She is other friend mine but sometimes she works if the proyect is not very large. I work very hard in the school proyects, so there would be many dissagreements between both of us. My real friends were unfortunately in other class.
I can see them only during the brake and after school, but just for a moment. I was hating my life during school time. My family didn't noticed about that.
I was scaring about their reaction about this bad situation. They only wanted to see me fine. They wanted to see me strong. That was helpping me alot, but I didn't know how to noticed them about it.

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