One Direction Inspiration

It is about a shy girl that have a hard life in the school.The only thing that makes her feel better is the band One Direction. What will happen when she see the boys in one interview? She will be in love with one of them?


6. Problem coming

I connected my camera to the laptop. It was loading down my video. All was perfect until my camera was without battery. All was going allright !! I connected my camera. Why it was happening that to me!! Why!! It was the last day to load the video! I was deseperated. My camera was without battery and it was 9:00 p.m! I started to cry. All my illusions to the trash. My camera be come to have 5 percentage of battery. I did not care and I connected it to the laptop. My video was in process. It was 9:30 p.m when it was loaded.I came to reality again. I saw the vídeos of many girls and they were amazing. The participants were having an amazing voice. I do not have a very good voice. Just the boys of one direction can search the winer . Some girls started to write about what they were thinking about my song. The tears turned my face. Their comments were complitely terrible. Some were saying: -you called that a song! -you need really some sing classes! -All one direction guides will be start laughing with this! They were not knowing about myself. Before I went to sleep, I called Marian to her phone and I told her all. -Rachel , please. Don't cry. I think that your song is amazing. I allready See you in internet and you have a beautiful voice! I took a big breath and talled her: -you think that of me ! -yes! Of course! -thank you very much! you are the best friend that someone can have! After all the conversation that I have with her, I went to sleep.

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