One Direction Inspiration

It is about a shy girl that have a hard life in the school.The only thing that makes her feel better is the band One Direction. What will happen when she see the boys in one interview? She will be in love with one of them?


4. Good notice

I felt like a new person when I wrote the song with all that was going our from my heart.
I was very tired and I went to sleep at 8:00 p.m. When I wake up it was 5:50, enough time to prepare me for school. I puted on a yellow blouse and my white jeans. As usual, I went downstairs for the breakfast, but I saw both of my parents waiting me. Both of them were serious. My dad asked me to sit down. I did it. My father started to talk me about my conduct.
- Rachel, you have to change your actitude with us.
-We are your parents and your life is very important for your mother and me.
And the same thing of all the time:
-If you have a problem , tell to us , so we can help you.
They were telling me that for years! They do not have other worlds!
I responded in the most natural form because I was very ungry in that moment.
-Mom , Dad , I do not have problems with my life.I'm perfect.
I just drank milk and I went out of my house for enter to the school bus. I saw my friends of the other class and I sat infront of theme. This day was going good. We were talking about music. One of them named Marian talked about a One Direction's contest
-It is very easy to enter! She saided happily.
-you just have to write a very special and beautiful song,you load it down in their official web page!
I just felt down enside of me! It was a good oportunity for me to met one direction!
I ask her about what you have to do for loaded down the song. This good notice makes the day perfect!
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