One Direction Inspiration

It is about a shy girl that have a hard life in the school.The only thing that makes her feel better is the band One Direction. What will happen when she see the boys in one interview? She will be in love with one of them?


5. Going for it

I didn't pay attencion in school clases by thinking about of what I could make the song. In mathematics class instead of making the exercices, I was making music notes for the song that I was going to write. When was at home, I did not ate again and I went to my bedroom to start the song. I was not having idea of what to write, but then, I remembered One Direction . In that moment, my Inspiration came rapidly. I quept. my notebook of my songs and Istarted to write. The tears went out of my face when I was thinking about all the boys Liam, Harry, Loui, Niall, and Zayn. I do not stop writing after I finished all. It was describing all of them. It was constantly perfect.
One part was like this:
You are stars with good
Hearts. All your smiles are
Hundreds of miles away, but. In
Your eyes I can describe yourselves
In one way that one world cannot
Describes your perfeccion that goes
In one direction.

I wote all what I feel about them. I usted mi guitar for the song. I made a video of me singing my song. It sounded good. When I finished it, i started to use my laptop to enter to the official web page of one direction. There was all the information of the contest. It was saying that the winer will be one weekend with one direction. She will go to one interview with them and will open the concert of one direction in San Diego. It was a dream!!!
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