One Direction Inspiration

It is about a shy girl that have a hard life in the school.The only thing that makes her feel better is the band One Direction. What will happen when she see the boys in one interview? She will be in love with one of them?


1. Far dreams

Rachel's letter:
I was sleeping in my bed until I heard the alarm. I don't wanted to get up by all the bad things that I had in the school. I puted on my blue blouse of american eagle and my black jeans. When I went downstairs for brakefast , I saw my mom preparing hotcakes and my father reading the newspaper. I was very unappetizing, so I only drank a little bit of milk. When I heard the bus I saudí good bye to my mother. And she told me the same thing of all the time:
- Tell me if you have a problem, so I can help you with it.
And I responded ungry like all the time that she was asking me that.
-Oh mom! I don't have any problem! I'm right
And I went out of my house to arrive the school bus. When I sat on my place, Jane came to me and told me:t
- Hi shyer( it was my nick name but my real name is Rachel) do you liked the friday's party? It was amazing
-Oh, I remembered. You didn't go! Can you tell me why?
I just wanted to cry in that moment.
I do not receive An invitation.
All the people of the bus starter to shout. It was not my day.
I just turned around and puted un my head phones and started to hear little things of One Direction. That song made me feel better.
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