Too afraid to love (Ziall, with a little bit of Larry and Payzer)

Niall Horan has been hurt before, but what could happen when he moves out of his hometown to forget, and finds another reason for giving love a chance?


15. Zayn can go

So I decided to post half of the chapters I promised today! I just feel like it hehe I love you all! Thank you for reading! xx

*Zayn´s POV*

Niall just looked at me with a sad expression, and I smiled trying to get him to do the same, but it was in vain. “So what kind of picture is it then?” Harry asked me. “Oh, one I took when we met, nothing important” I replied. I tried to get up of the bed to go where Niall was, but then remembered my promise.

The doctor entered to my room and stood in front of me. “Oh, I didn’t know you had company” he said smiling “Am I interrupting something?” “No, we were just talking” Niall replied. “Ok, so Mr. Zayn Malik you can go now, your lungs are healed, if you feel any pain you only have to take this pills and the problem will be resolved”. He said handing me a note.

“Good! Now we can go back to the house!” Louis said as he hugged me. “I’m so glad that you made it mate!” Harry said. We heard running and minutes later Danielle and Liam came into the room. “Zayn! You scared us!” Danielle said as he ran to me. “Why Dani?” I asked confused.

“You weren’t in your room! Duh!” she replied smiling. “Oh, the same thing happened to us” Harry said. We all laughed. Well, all except Niall. “Hey Liam, can you come here or a sec?” I said to the boy standing in the door. “Yes, what’s up Z?” he said once he was near me.

“Can you find out what is going on with Niall, he isn’t as happy as always” I said. “Oh, ok Zayn. Did you guys had a fight or something?” He asked, looking at me with a serious face. “No, but I think he feels confused about our relationship” I said sadly. “Relationship? That was fast” He asked with a smirk.

“No we are not together, well not yet” I replied. “So you want to be with him?” he asked. “Uhm, yes… but please go and talk to Niall ok?” I said. “Ok boss, I’ll go with him.” He replied. “Thank you Liam” I said. “Yeah yeah, whatever. Anything for Ziall” he said teasingly.

*Niall´s POV*

I couldn’t stop thinking about Zayn’s kiss. It felt so right, but at the same time so wrong. I am afraid to love somebody else, because it may end like with Holly, and I don´t think I can cope with that kind of pain all over again. When I kissed him I felt in heaven, but the thought of Zayn cheating kept coming.

I don´t really know if Zayn is capable of cheating, but why wouldn´t him. He is perfection in human form. The way his eyes spark whenever he is happy, his laugh, his perfect eyelashes, everything. If he was stuck with an ugly person like me, then he may look for another one better.

I was so into my thoughts, that I didn´t see Liam coming towards me. “Hey Nialler! How are you doing mate?” he asked in a concerned voice. “I’m doing fine Liam” I said brushing it off. “No Niall, you are not” he said “I just know you too well”. “Sometimes I wish you didn’t” I said looking at him.

“Is it the same thing that we talked about at Zayn’s house?” He asked. I nodded and he hugged me. “Niall, you need to stop being afraid, now it is not only affecting you, it’s affecting all of us” he said. “How would it affect all of you Liam, it’s my life” I said angrily. He looked at Zayn.

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