Too afraid to love (Ziall, with a little bit of Larry and Payzer)

Niall Horan has been hurt before, but what could happen when he moves out of his hometown to forget, and finds another reason for giving love a chance?


12. Show my love

Hey! Thank you for all the comments, I love you so much! Everyday at 3 or 4 pm in my country (Mexico :3) i''l upload another chapter :D

*Niall’s POV*

“Zayn stop it!” I said, but he closed the door instead. “Niall, I want to show you how much I care about you!” he said. “N-no Zayn! I’M NOT READY FOR THIS!” I yelled. “For what?” he asked confused. “Uhm, to have sex?” I said. He laughed. “I won’t make you do something you don’t want to, I’ll show my love in another way”.

I was relieved, but still curious of what would Zayn do. “Ok, so we met in an airplane right?” he asked and I nodded. “Do you remember what the airline was named?” he asked. “British Airways” I replied. “Ok, well in that airline they give you some food to eat while you land right?” he asked again. I nodded.

He took out his phone and scrolled through his pictures until he found what he was looking for. He handed it to me and my eyes went wide.  “It’s a picture of me eating” I said, while I looked at the phone again. “It is, this is the picture that kept me happy every day, hoping that I could meet you again” he said smiling at me.

“I-I don’t understand what you are saying” I said to him. “Look, when we met on the plane I knew I wanted to know you better, so I changed seats with the girl with asthma when I had the chance, and we spent the most perfect hours ever” he said with an even bigger smile.drooled.

“Uhm, Zayn? I don’t really know how to say this but..” I started. “I know, it is kind of weird, but I like this photo a lot” he replied. “No Zayn, it’s not weird, but I think you are taking things too fast” I said to him as I grabbed his shoulder. “Oh, sorry Ni” he replied sadly.

“Don’t worry Zayn” I said and stood up. “So this means you won’t go away, right?” he said when I was leaving the room. I turned to him, attempting to tell him that I still wanted to go back to London, but then my eyes met his and I drooled. He was so perfect; maybe I should give him a chance.

“Maybe” I teased him with a smile. “So that´s a yes? Or a no?” he asked. “A maybe” I said. “Oh, come on Nialler, didn´t I showed you that I care?” he asked. “You did Z, but I’m still not sure if I should go away or not” I replied. “You aren’t sure? What else do I have to do?” he asked again.

“You only showed me a picture! A PICTURE! And you expect me to love you right away?” I said. He looked at me with confusion. “Sorry?” “Don’t you understand that I was hurt by the one person I have ever loved? I can’t fall in love that easily Zayn, can you wait for me? Are you willing to do it?” I said.

“I’ll do anything you want me to, I swear” he said to me. “Seriously?” I asked in disbelief. “Yes, why don’t you trust me?” he asked. “Because you seem like a heartbreaker” I said. He laughed. “Really” “I’m being serious here Malik” I replied. “Ok, what if you stay a little bit more?” he said.

“And then what?” I said. “And then I’ll show you my commitment” he said as he grabbed my hands. I looked at him and saw in his eyes that he was saying the truth. “Ok, but take it slow on us” I said smiling. “Deal” he replied. I was slowly falling for this guy, even though I was still afraid to do so.

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