Too afraid to love (Ziall, with a little bit of Larry and Payzer)

Niall Horan has been hurt before, but what could happen when he moves out of his hometown to forget, and finds another reason for giving love a chance?


17. Niall talk

*Harry’s POV*

When Danielle went out of Niall’s room, I quickly ran in and closed the door. “Hey Hazz, what’s up?” he said. “Uh, maybe I should be asking you that question” I said. “Do you know the story about Holly, my ex- girlfriend?” he asked. I nodded. “Will you tell me exactly what happened anyways?”.

“She was my first love ever, and she cheated on me, with my best friend” he said with a soft voice. “She cheated huh?” I said. “Yes, and that’s why I have a hard time trusting people, because of that one moment” he said. I just stood there, too surprised to say something.

I knew his first girlfriend cheated on him, but I didn’t know it was with his best friend. I could not imagine the pain in Niall’s eyes when he saw them. “So, you saw your girlfriend and your best friend kissing?” He looked up and shook his head. “Then, how do you know what they did?” I said.

“His sister came home early, and when she went upstairs to check on Michael, he was making out with Holly” he said. “But, you can’t trust his sister, what if she was lying?” I said. “Harry, none of them have called asking me where I am, don’t you think that if this was a joke the would’ve called me to fix things?” he said angrily.

“You are right Ni, and I’m sorry you had to go through such things, but you need to let it go.” I said. “How will I let it go? I can’t Hazz” he said. “Oh, yes you can, and I will help you through all of it, I swear” I replied. “Why are you that nice to me? You have only known me for a month or so” he said hugging me.

“You are special Ni, I don’t need to know you for years to sense that” I said hugging him back. “I’m afraid Hazz” he said. “I know, but I’m here for you, and if Zayn does something stupid I will slap him until he is unconscious” I said jokingly. He laughed at my  comment.

I heard a soft knock on the door and went to open it while Niall dried his tears. It was Zayn. “Hey, I need to talk to Niall mate” he said. “Wait a second, let me ask him” I said. He nodded. I went to sit beside Niall. “Hey, Zayn wants to talk to you, is it okay?” I asked him. “It’s okay” he said with a little smile.

I went outside and told Zayn it was okay to go in, then I went and sat beside my boyfriend. “Harry, don’t you feel something it’s weird?” he whispered in my ear. “Weird?” I whispered back confused. “We haven´t kissed for like 10 hours, I need you” he said.

I pecked him lightly in the lips, and he tried to deepen the kiss, but I pulled away. “Stop teasing me Harry” he said as he grabbed my hand and placed it in his growing bulge. “Not now Lou, wait until we arrive to the house ok?” I said. “Ok, but just because I love you too much” he replied crossing his arms.

*Zayn’s POV*

I entered to the room and I saw Niall just sitting in the bed looking at the window. “Hey Niall, how are you?” I said. “I’m good, It feels like I’m the one who was at the hospital” he said laughing. I laughed too. “So, what is the thing you wanted to talk about?” he asked.

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