Too afraid to love (Ziall, with a little bit of Larry and Payzer)

Niall Horan has been hurt before, but what could happen when he moves out of his hometown to forget, and finds another reason for giving love a chance?


16. Niall is sad

*Liam’s POV*

“How would it affect all of you Liam? It’s my life” Niall said with anger. I looked at Zayn and sighed. “Look Ni, Zayn is in love with you, and I have never seen that much ove in a person’s eyes since I met Louis and Harry.” I started. “How could he be in love with me? I’m horrible!” he said. “No Niall you are not horrible” I said trying to calm him down,

“I am not worth it Liam, I don’t even know why you are still my friend” he said almost crying. “Niall! Can you stop please?” I shouted, and all the others looked at us with confusion. “Liam, can I talk to him for a second?” Danielle asked. “Ok” I said giving up. I didn’t know why Niall kept thinking that way.

*Danielle’s POV*

I had never seen Liam shout that way, and I know it is because Niall is underestimating himself, because Liam always says that is the thing that makes him want to punch somebody. “I want to talk to Niall alone, sorry guys but can you leave us here?” I said in the most polite tone I could find.

The others nodded and went outside, leaving the room for just the Irish and me. “Niall, I just don’t understand how you could make Liam shout that way! It is not natural!” I said joking. He smiled. “See? You look gorgeous with that smile on” I said sitting in the bed. He went and sat beside me.

“You think so Dani?” he said. “Of Course Ni, you are beautiful, why don’t you get it?” I said looking at him. “Because my girlfriend Holly cheated on me with my best friend, because he is cuter than me” he said softly. “Well, then she must have an eye problem" I replied.

He smiled again, and I swear I heard him laugh a bit. “Now, do you believe me?” I asked. He looked at me and I could see he was not quite sure. “How can I make you understand Ni?” I asked. “No one has been in love with me ever, how can I believe I am beautiful?” he said sadly.

“No one has ever been in love with you? What about Zayn?” I asked confused. “He is not in love with me, he just wants me to be kind of his summer love” he replied. “No no Nialler, why do you say that” I asked. “Because it is the truth Dani, what can I do about it, Zayn is too perfect for me” he said as he stood up.

“But Nia..” “Don’t try to convince me Dani, it’s not going to work.” He said. “I’m not going to try and convince you of something you don´t believe in” I said. “Thank you babe, you are one of my best friends, along with Liam, you know that?” he said. “Thank you Ni, you are too!” I replied.

My phone vibrated, and I took it out. It was a text from Liam saying that Harry wanted to talk to Niall. “Hey Ni, Harry wants to talk to you, is it okay?” I asked. “Yeah, ok” he replied. I went to open the door and Louis entered. Zayn immediately attacked me with questions.

“Calm down Z, he is alright!” I said “God, you act like a mother” I said. “I care A LOT about him Dani, he is one of the most important people in the world to me” he said. “I know that Zayn, but just calm down, he is gonna be ok” I said as I hugged him. “Thank you Dani” he said.

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