Too afraid to love (Ziall, with a little bit of Larry and Payzer)

Niall Horan has been hurt before, but what could happen when he moves out of his hometown to forget, and finds another reason for giving love a chance?


13. Niall is not going

Sorry that I didn't upload yesterday, but I had this kind of camp in my school from 2 PM to 8 PM  :( Now I'm all bruised and my legs hurt a lot, but here it is, another chapter

*Louis’ POV*

As long as we came into the hospital, Niall went to look for the doctor and ask him when Zayn would be out of there. While we waited, Harry went to buy some coffee, because neither of us had slept in hours. Liam and Danielle continued sleeping in each other’s side.

“Liam! LIAM!” I yelled, trying to wake him up. “One minute more mom” he mumbled. I started to shake him until he opened his eyes. “Louis, what happened, is Zayn alright?” he said. “Yes he is, but..” I started. “NIALL?!?!” he yelled. “No, no he is fine too” I said, thinking about how he was going away.

Should I tell him that Niall is planning on going back to London? Maybe I shouldn’t because Niall would want to tell his best friend in person. “What happened Lou?” he said. “Nothing Li, just thinking that Harry is taking too long with the coffee” I said hiding the truth. “Oh, then why did you wake me?” he asked suspiciously.

“No reason at all, just wanted to do it. Had a feeling” I said. “Haha, so funny.” He said sarcastically. “You know I am Liam, don’t deny it” I replied. “No, I don’t” he said. I pouted at him and went to the cafeteria to look for Harry, but he wasn’t there. I decided to look for him Zayn’s room.

When I arrived to the room wing, I saw Harry walking in and out of the room. “Hey Hazz, what happened to you, you seem preoccupied” I said to him. “Zayn is not there” he simply exclaimed. “What?” I asked. “He is not there, I’m really concerned Louis, what if he is in an emergency surgery?” he said to me, almost crying.

“Keep calm Harry, I am almost sure that he is fine, what if we ask the nurse?” I said, hugging him. “Ok” he replied. We went to the nurse central and asked for Zayn’s nurse. They told us she was in room 7B. We went in that direction and knocked on the room, there was no response so we decided to enter.

“Louis? Harry?” Someone asked. It was Zayn. “Zayn! Oh my goodness! You scared the hell out of me!” Harry said as he hugged our dear friend. “Hey lads, my nurse told me to change rooms to here” he simply said, with a smile. “Well, it’s ok, but tell us the next time ok?” I said hugging him too.

We heard the bathroom sink open and then the door opened too, revealing Niall. “Niall! You boy” Harry said jokingly. “What? Did I miss something?” he asked confused. “No, we were just talking to Zayn. Did you tell him that you are going away?” I said to him, but then realized what I said and tried to apologize.

“Niall, I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to” I said with shame. “Don´t worry Louis, he already told me” Zayn said laughing. “And didn’t you do something to stop this from happening?” Harry asked, concerned. He did, and I think I’ll stay for a little while more” Niall said.

“What did you do? Kiss him?” I said jokingly, but then I realized that Niall’s face changed to a sad expression. “What happened Ni?” I asked to him as he turned to face me. “Nothing” he said putting a fake smile. “Ok, what did you do then Zayn” I asked turning to my friend. “I showed him a picture” he said and looked at Ni with a smile.

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