Too afraid to love (Ziall, with a little bit of Larry and Payzer)

Niall Horan has been hurt before, but what could happen when he moves out of his hometown to forget, and finds another reason for giving love a chance?


3. Liam's Apartment


*Niall’s POV* When we went to the arrivals section of the airport, Zayn stopped to text his sister. “Hey! Ni Ni!” I heard a familiar voice say and I turned around. It was Liam. I wanted to say goodbye to Zayn, but he looked so concentrated that I decided not to. I went running to Liam, You know that feeling when you see a friend you haven’t seen for ages? Well, I felt that way with Liam, he was surely my best friend. “Liam, you came to pick me up!” I said cheerily “Yes I did Irish snowflake!” he replied. We headed to his car. “How’s London?” I asked. “It’s really great, I’ve met two of my neighbors, and they are new too! One of them is from Holmes Chapel, and the other one is from Doncaster” he said. “Are they...” I started “Gay?” he finished “Yes, they are, you aren’t homophobic right?” he said looking at me suspiciously. “No, I’m not” How can I be homophobic if I think I might be gay too? See, when I met Zayn, I felt a strong connection between us, like it was meant to be. But I can’t fall in love; I’m just too broken right now.  “It’s okay buddy” Liam said with a comforting tone, it’s like he has the power of reading my mind. “No Liam, it’s not. My girlfriend just cheated on me, and I’m running away from it”. I’m really starting to think that this was a bad idea, moving to London, but I can’t go back to Ireland, there are only bad memories in there. “Nialler, you need a fresh start. It’s okay to feel protective, but sooner or later you will have to let it go” he said, trying to comfort me. I smiled. Liam always knows how to cheer me up. We arrived to a tall white building, and Liam helped me with my suitcase while I grabbed my guitar. We entered to the elevator, and went to the 7th floor.  As we were arriving to Liam’s flat, I heard something fall in the apartment in front of us. “Harry” Liam said shaking his head and laughing. He went into the apartment and two minutes later came out with two guys. “Oh, so you are Nialler, the one Liam talks about” a brown haired boy with blue eyes said “I’m Louis aka Swagmasta from Doncasta”. We shook hands. “And I’m Harry aka Hazza” a curly haired boy with green eyes said. “Hey guys, nice to meet you!” I said with a polite smile, I really like these boys, they seem pretty cool. “Hey Nialler, let’s get your bags inside the flat, Hazz and Lou want to help?” “Sure” Harry said. The three boys helped me to get installed in the flat, and suddenly I heard ‘Look after you’ by The Fray. “Sorry, It’s my phone” Louis said “I’ll be back in a minute”   *Louis’ Pov* Today, I met Niall, the one Liam has been talking about. Liam told Hazz and me all the details of his story, and I have to admit that I almost cried! How can girls break their boyfriend’s heart like that? That’s exactly why I don’t feel attracted to them. Besides, Harry is different. I met Harry two years ago while I was visiting my dad in Holmes Chapel. I had just told my parents about me being gay, and my dad wasn’t taking it that well, so I decided to go to the park and clear my mind, then I saw him. He was like an angel, perfection in human form. I came to him and we talked for hours and then agreed to go on a date. Since then we are inseparable, and that’s why we decided to move here, to be together. While Hazz, Liam and I helped Niall to get comfortable, I got a call from one of my best friends here in London, Zayn. “Hey there Zayn! How are you?”  I said. “I’m good, you won’t imagine what just happened!” he said happily. “What?” I replied. “My aunt borrowed me her summer house in Manchester! Do you want to go? You can invite Harry and your new friend…Liam?” he said. “Yes, it’s Liam. We would be so happy to go! But Liam has a guest here, he can go too right?” I asked. “Of course, there is enough space for all of you!” he replied happily. I guess we are going to go to that summer house. I entered Liam’s living room to tell the good news to everyone. Harry, being his cheeky self, winked at me, while Liam and Niall nodded. This will be the most amazing vacations ever!  
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