Too afraid to love (Ziall, with a little bit of Larry and Payzer)

Niall Horan has been hurt before, but what could happen when he moves out of his hometown to forget, and finds another reason for giving love a chance?


1. Introduction


My name is Niall Horan, I’m 19. I lived almost all my life in Mullingar Ireland. I loved that place, it felt so comfortable and great, until something really bad happened.

I met my girlfriend Holly (now ex), when I was 15 years old, I knew she was something special since the day I saw her, but what really made me have a crush on her is when she was told to present a topic in front of the class. The way that she did it and her voice made me fall, and fall hard.

During the next year I tried to be noticed by her, it was all in vain, but one day, our music teacher told us that we had to sing a song, because a few of us would perform in London, UK, in some school’s winter festival. I immediately searched for a song that would describe my feelings towards her perfectly. I chose “I Can’t Help Falling in Love with You” by Elvis Presley.

I practiced for weeks and the day was finally here, the day that I could perform for my classmates. I sang it with all my feelings, and it turned out to be great. The next thing I knew, Holly was coming to seat with me and to tell me how good she thought it was. I said that that song was intended for her and she felt flattered. We went out on a date and after two weeks I asked her to be my girlfriend.

As you may have guessed, I got in to the London presentation and 3 months later I traveled there.  When I arrived to the school, I met a person that would become my best friend for the rest of my life: Liam Payne. I met him right before my turn in the presentation; I was feeling so nervous that I was sweating like crazy. He told me that he watched a video of me in my old school, singing, and that he thought I was great at it. That was the beginning of a new friendship.

When I returned to Ireland, I kept sending messages and talking over the phone with Liam, and then I visited him in his hometown: Wolverhampton. We became inseparable, and told each other everything. After six months since the London show, I got a call that turned my world upside down. It was from Lisa, my friend Michael’s older sister. She said that she came home two hours early than usual and went upstairs to check on her brother. She found Holly in there too, making out with Michael. That crushed me.

I didn’t talk to anyone that night, and the next day I stayed in my room all morning, without eating. Later that day I got a call from Liam, he told me that he had moved to London to start college. I couldn’t take it anymore, I hadn’t told anyone about this Holly thing, and Liam was the person I trusted the most, so I said it all to him, and he offered me to move to his new flat, because he had another bedroom and thought of me. So I accepted, because I needed to run away from all of this.

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