Too afraid to love (Ziall, with a little bit of Larry and Payzer)

Niall Horan has been hurt before, but what could happen when he moves out of his hometown to forget, and finds another reason for giving love a chance?


11. I'm going away Zayn

*Harry’s POV*

“It was my fault after all” Niall said behind us. “No, no Nialler, it wasn’t your fault lad, you were just playing” Lou said to him as he hugged him. “We can pretend that is true” Niall replied almost crying. “It is true Niall, accidents happen all the time, don’t blame yourself for one” I said hugging him too.

“Well, I still think that I should go back to London once Zayn comes home, so he can rest without more accidents happening here” he said. “Niall, he won’t be happy knowing that you went away because of him” I said. “It’s not exactly because of him” he mumbled back.

“Then, why do you want to go away?” I replied. He looked at the living room and pointed at a letter in the table. “You need to deliver this to Zayn, but it’s for him personally ok?” he said. Louis ad I nodded. “I want to go away because I don’t want to be hurt, and I don’t want to see Zayn hurt” he said.

“Niall, I.. I don’t understand” Louis said. “There´s nothing to be understood, its between Zayn and me, maybe we’ll tell you later on, but right now I want it to be a secret.” He said. He went outside towards the car and went inside it.

“What are you doing?” I yelled to him. “I want to go and see Zayn’s doctor and ask him when is he going to be out of the hospital, so I can book my bus” he replied. I looked at Louis sadly and he motioned to the car “We have to go Harry” he said. I went inside the car too and Louis started the engine.

The way to the hospital was really quiet. Louis parked the car near the entrance and Niall rushed to the doctor’s office. Louis and me went to the waiting room to look for Liam and Danielle, and we found them sleeping. I tried to wake them up, but it seemed like they were in a deep sleep.

*Niall’s POV*

When Harry and Louis took me to the hospital, I quickly ran to the doctor’s office. I found it empty and I decided to go to the nurse’s central to look for information. When I arrived, I saw Zayn’s nurse in there “Hey! Do you know where my friend’s doctor is right now?” I said to her.

“Oh, you are Zayn Malik’s friend, right?” she said when she turned to me. “Yes I am” I replied. “Don’t worry dear, the doctor had an appointment in some woman’s hose, he will be back soon!” she said smiling. “Oh, thank you! Do you know at what time will he return?” I asked. “Any minute now, he left two hours ago” she replied.

I decided to go to the waiting room to meet my friends, but I got lost and started wandering in the building. “Niall?” I heard someone say behind me. When I turned, I saw Zayn standing there, only wearing a bathroom robe. “God! Zayn go back to your room!” I yelled as I ran towards him.

“Don’t worry Nialler, my nurse told me that I had to change rooms from Intensive care to regular care” he said. “Uh, ok.” I replied.”Niall, where were you?” he asked looking at me with his beautiful eyes. “I was in your house, packing.” I said, as I turned around and tried to run. He grabbed my waist.

“Niall, please don’t go, I’ll do anything!” he whispered. “I can’t stay Zayn, please understand me” I whispered back. “I won’t let you go that easily Irish” he said. “Mr. Malik, please return to your room” the nurse yelled to him. He grabbed my hand and turned around, and then he literally dragged me to the room.

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