Too afraid to love (Ziall, with a little bit of Larry and Payzer)

Niall Horan has been hurt before, but what could happen when he moves out of his hometown to forget, and finds another reason for giving love a chance?


6. Dinner


Okay, as I promised, here is a new chapter of the story... I will update like every two days (If I can i'll do it everyday :3) I really appreciate that people are reading this.. thank you all -Ana

PS. I need a guy's name, so if you have any suggestions, I'll love to hear them... <3

*Zayn’s Pov*

Is this really happening? That girl Danielle said the one in the car was Liam’s roommate, and I’m pretty sure that is the boy I met in Mullingar – London flight. I have been thinking of him for almost two weeks now, and I honestly thought I wouldn’t see him again. I couldn’t help to gasp when I saw that blonde head. “Ok, so what’s his name?” I asked, trying to hide my excitement.  “Niall, Niall Horan” Harry said, smiling. “Oh, great name! I’ll show you your rooms, we can let Niall rest for a little more” I said.

I showed Liam, Lou, Hazz and Danielle their respective rooms, and then I went to Louis’ car to look for Niall. He was still sleeping, and looked like an angel, so perfect. I opened the door and carried him bridal style to his bedroom. I dropped him on the bed and went outside to prepare lunch.

*Niall’s Pov*

I woke up when I smelled food. Gosh, I was so hungry. I stood up from the bed I was in and opened the door to the hall. I heard laughing, so I went in that direction. I reached the living room, and saw Liam and Danielle cuddling in the couch, while Harry was watching TV.

“Hey guys!” I said, smiling. “Niall! You woke up!” Dani said, standing up and hugging me. “Why all the excitement? Did I sleep two days in a row?” I giggled. “Nope” Liam said “But you haven’t met Louis and Harry’s friend, Zayn” Liam said. Zayn? I’m sure I have heard that name somewhere.  “Zayn” I repeated to myself “Zayn, Zayn, Zayn”

I suddenly realized where I heard that name. My flight to London! Zayn was the guy that sat beside me in that airplane, the one that made me realize I was bisexual. “Hey guys! Lunch’s ready” I heard someone said behind me. When I turned back, I saw that beautiful quiff I’ve been dreaming about for weeks.

“Hey Niall, hope you slept well” he said smiling. “ZAYN!” I yelled, as I hugged him. “I thought I wouldn’t see you again!” “I know! I thought that also!” he replied hugging me back. When we separated, I saw the other lads’ confused expressions. “Niall, have you met Zayn before?” Liam said. “Yes I did, in the flight from Mullingar to London, he sat beside me” I replied happily.

“Oh, why didn’t you tell us Ni?” Louis said, as he came out from the kitchen. “I don’t know, you never asked!” I said.  “Well, that makes things less awkward” Harry said. “Why Hazz?” I replied confused. “Uhm, because you were asleep when we introduced him to Liam and Danielle” he said brushing it off. I don’t know why, but I think that he is hiding something.

“Ok lads, as I said food’s ready, want to come?” Zayn said. “Yes!” I replied. We came into the kitchen and I sat beside Liam and in front of Zayn. I haven’t seen this boy for about a month, but he is still as perfect as remembered. He had a white t-shirt with light brown chinos and converse, and he was going through his phone. He looked up and smiled at me, and I realized I was staring at him for a long time. I looked away and blushed.


*Harry’s Pov*

When I found out that Niall and Zayn had met before, I was relieved. Now Zayn can talk to him about the entire bisexual thing. I was so concentrated in my thoughts that Louis had to scream for me to hear him. “Harry!” he said. “Sorry, what happened?” I said. “Don’t you think that there is something between those two” he said pointing to Niall, who was looking at Zayn in awe.

“I know” Liam said joining our conversation “They seem to really like each other”. We all stayed silent for a little while, but then, at the same time, all three of us realized the same thing: Zayn was the guy that Niall fell for. “Oh no, I can’t believe it” Liam said as if we all could read each other’s minds.

“Shh, we have to let Niall tell us by himself” Louis said. We all agreed and continued with dinner as if nothing had happened. We ate chicken, and Niall was really excited because it was his favorite food. When we finished, Niall went upstairs to get changed into his swimming trunks, as it was 4 pm and we could still go and chill in the pool.

When he was out of sight, I called Zayn and told him to come with me to Lou’s and mine bedroom. When we entered, I closed the door and told him to sit down. “Zayn, we need to talk” I said seriously. “Sure mate, what is the thing that’s bothering you” he replied smiling. “Look, we have a little thing that’s happening with Niall” I said. “What is happening with him? Is he sick? Is his family okay?” he asked desperately.

“No, he is not sick and all his family is okay” Lou said laughing. “Then, what happened?” Z said. “Well, Niall has discovered recently that he is bisexual” Lou replied. “He is?” Zayn said surprised. Louis and I nodded. “Fine, he is, what’s the big deal about it?” he replied. “Nothing, but we thought that maybe you could talk to him, you know, about coming out and all of that” I said.  “Yes, anything to help the irish cutie” Zayn said. “Cutie? You like him right?” I said. “Uhm…maybe” he replied blushing.

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