1D Halloween

It seem all fun and games when Mia starts hanging out with her boyfriend Niall and his friends ,the members of one direction ,on Halloween night but when one member goes missing everything starts turning into a nightmare


2. Mystery man returns

"Mia, I think I'm start heading out now,I bet my moms starting to get worried!" Niall saying to Mia as he hugs and kisses her goodbye "I'll talk to you later"......."Ok","ok"Mia tells him softly kissing and hugging him back. As Niall steps out Mia's house closing the door behind him he revives a call from his mom,he immietedly answered it and said "hello" ,"where you at? It's 8:00 and your still not home,and your going to be late for dinner hurry up before your dad gets home"Nialls mom tells him,"alright mom imma be there right now,I just got out of Mia's house,I'll talk to you in few ok!"Niall tells his mom "ok but becareful ok!" Niall tells his mom "ok mom,bye" as he carefully touches the hang up button. Niall walking as fast as he can notices that he forgot something at Mia's house he turn around in a fast way and starts walking back to Mia's house when he then noticed a guy standing across the street in the same way Niall saw the other guy standing,then all of a sudden Niall realizes that the guy was the same guy he saw earlier..so he thought twice about going back to Mia's house,but a fear that rushed through Nialls body mad him decides that he gonna just go home and get what he forgot when he come back to Mia's house tomorrow. As he walks in a very pace he then noticed that th same guy was still across the street looking at Niall now but this time angrily and more serious then what he was before so Niall start to run as a suddenly looked back and he wasn't there anymore as. So as Niall was at the front his house ,he took a heavy deep breath and walked in as his mother was just standing by the dinner table holding the plates "thank goodness your home before your father came ,you know how he gets when your late for dinner,go clean up,fast!"Nialls mom tells Niall "ok mom" Niall told his mom as he rush up to his room. Like a half hour later Niall step into the living room where his family except his father was sitting down getting ready to eat "come on honey sit down,the food ain't gonna eat itself"Nialls mom tell Nialls "ok mom" Niall told his mom as he sits down next to his brother,"where's dad?" Niall questioned "he coming later,he has a lot to do at the office he told me"Nialls mom told Niall "oh!" Niall said as he remembers about the guy he saw "mom I need to talk to you!"
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