1D Halloween

It seem all fun and games when Mia starts hanging out with her boyfriend Niall and his friends ,the members of one direction ,on Halloween night but when one member goes missing everything starts turning into a nightmare


1. Mystery man

"Hay! Who's that guy?"Niall says pointing to the house across the street, "oh that my neighbor Sam,he lives here with his wife and three kids why you ask?"Mia says,"no not him,him the one by the door ,wearing all black,short,and has brown hair!" Niall says pointing to the next doors neighbors door, "who babe?" Mia says as she getting up from sitting on the grass "I don't see anybody wearing all black ,next door!" "Hi.....mm" says Niall looking all confused "i swear babe,I just saw a kid standing there!","yea well I don't see anybody,lets go in my mom made us some sandwiches" Mia hesitated while holding both of Nialls hands walking backwards,as Mia's pulling both of Nialls hands he decides to take one last look,thinking to himself "I just..I just saw that kid".As soon as both Mia and Niall steps into the house Mia's mother comes running to the front doors and stops both of them and says" woh woh woh" ,"take off your shoes,you know better than that" while Mia is taking off her shoes she told her mom repeatedly like three time "mom we know ,we know,we know stop telling us that over and over again " ..."gosh","don't gosh me ,young lady I'm your mother not your friend understand"Mia's mother said "yes mother!" Mia said slowly.
"Mom where gonna go eat upstairs.ok!" Mia says shouting out to her mother that's all the way in the living room "alright honey,as long as your gonna clean up the mess ..you heard" Mia's mom says shouting right back at Mia "alright..lets go Niall,where gonna eat upstairs,grab the drinks" Mia tells Niall "ok!" Niall responses back..
"Mia!" Mia mother yelling out to Mia "yes,mother?"Mia shouts back "I'll be back in two hours ,I gotta go to a meeting downtown..ok" Mia's mother said "alright"Mia's said back "we'll my moms gonna be out for two hours what you wanna do" Mia says whispering and watching her mom through the window making sure she left already and once knowing she gone jumped back into he bed holding and kissing Nialls lips "so what do u want to do"Mia asking Niall and Niall just responding back with one word "kiss".
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