"Never just your Average Girl♥"(One Direction Love story)

Camila , Kayla , Jillian, Eliza , and Genesis have been friends with Kaitlyn for a while now.Yet Kaitlyn has a huge secret she never told anyone.She always thought people would use her.Yeah that's right, Harry Styles from One Direction is her brother.Kaitlyn never brought them to her house because of her brother and everything. One day he was going to be gone with the boys for a good few hours.Kaitlyn gets them over but after a few the worst thing can happen at the worst moment.


9. .


********Camila's p.o.v*********

"AHHHH, OHHH" i screamed moaning 

"push, you're almost there ..!" The doctor said

Today was the day Jamie Marie Ashanti Horan was born.I looked at Niall as i saw blood on Jamie. Niall had escaped a tear from his eye. Niall came up to me and picked up Jamie in his arms. I was crying when i looked at Jamie's eyes. They were blueLike i wished they were! I called Eliza to see if she had given birth yet. Not until later! I left from the hospital as soon as the doctors had finished with me.When i came Out of the hospital i got home and i saw a sign saying "Welcome home Horan family!' I was very pleased! I couldn't belive it!! What to my eyes appeared.JACELYN WAS IN KAYLA'S ARMS! I went to her and i started talking to her in a baby voice. I hugged harry and told him what good of a father he's going to be! Me and Kayla had set down Jamie and Jassy on Jamie's crib.

That night me and Niall had gone to bed. We were soo happy that i told him that we're going to Video Tape Jamie every day for that when she grows up she can watch them. Kinda like Good Luck Charlie! I recorded the next morning . I went to make some breakfast . I made french toast,sausages, and scrambled eggs. Niall loved it. I had prepared some milk for jay(jamie's nickname). I changed Jamie into a Lady Bug romper and Light pink chiffon. I had then fed her. Niall took me out to the movies. We watched the new Twighlight. Jamie stayed with KAYLA AND HARRY. i missed my little girl so much! i slept over Kayla's house while Harry and Niall had there time. We prepared food for Niall && Harry. we woman ALWAYS HAVE TO DO THE WORK -__- WE NEED A BREAK.. god bless our hearts..

Genesis had knocked on our door as well as Jillian did , too! I saw Gabriella in Zayn's arms. i had tippy toed becuz Zayn was tall. then i wanted to carry Gabby! When i saw Munuro!.. OH MY GOSH! THAT BOY LOOKED JUST LIKE HIS FATHER(Louis).I carried Jamie and patted her back getting her burps out. We were all going to go to burger king. Last night niall had told me something.

"Babe, do you think you can come with me to my hometown in Ireland?" Niall asked me

"Sure, if your mom lets me go!" i said nervously

'"My mom loves you ! she is so proud to have a granddaughter!"

"Oh , that's what i THOUGHT!" i said

Niall had planned to go to Ireland before christmas.We would've arrived on christmas eve. I had went shopping with Eliza buying Jamie some baby uggs. i went and bought Jamie some more clothes. so i had Jamie on her stroller , along with 5 bags and 2 other bags on Eliza's stroller.I decided that i should buy Niall's mum a present of christmas. THE DAD ALWAYS WANTS SOMETHING. i'm gonna get his mom, brother, and dad a present. Niall already got his gift. JAMIE!i over heard Niall saying that he thinks the flight might be canceled due to the weather. Before christmas their's gonna be a huge blizzard. So we decided to stay and go for April!i started buying these books that help babies read when they're in their months. It was 3am when my iphone was vibrating. (Text from Genesis Estrada]:






HI ! ;D



When Niall woke up he had started taking Jamie a little bath. You see, women don't have to do ALL of the work! Since i moved out, i no longer see my parents but i stay in contact with them! I had started work earlier this week. Niall going over to the lads houses to rehearse for 'Kiss me'. I had to put Jamie in a day care. I went inside my car and put jamie in her car seat. She had on bailey button uggs, floral skirt , white leggings,jean jacket , 'Swagger' sweatshirt, and a bunny hat. I had buckled her up and i drove off. I saw Kaitlyn with her baby boy. I decided to leave Jamie with Kaitlyn.But i can't trust her. if she treats my sister in a bad way she's gonna get punched . But i still love her . Just because everyone else has beef with her does not mean i have to have problems with her. But if she touches Niall or hurts him or hurts Kayla im gonna slap the shit outta her. Since christmas was coming me and Niall decided to start buying presents.We had our christmas tree up.The color of the christmas tree was white! 


Short chapter but it was good,eh ? Thats what i thought! 

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