"Never just your Average Girl♥"(One Direction Love story)

Camila , Kayla , Jillian, Eliza , and Genesis have been friends with Kaitlyn for a while now.Yet Kaitlyn has a huge secret she never told anyone.She always thought people would use her.Yeah that's right, Harry Styles from One Direction is her brother.Kaitlyn never brought them to her house because of her brother and everything. One day he was going to be gone with the boys for a good few hours.Kaitlyn gets them over but after a few the worst thing can happen at the worst moment.


8. .


**********Genesis's POV**********

Zayn can't stop saying sorry.i know he wants me back

Real bad but, i can't accept it.

"Genesis,please! I want to be the father of this child!"Zayn whined

"This baby's not .. NOT YOUR CHILD, go to Kaitlyn.. She's carrying your baby! I do not know why you're still here when you have someone else to make babies with.i do not care if you were drunk,!"i yelled

"please..? i will die for you ,"Zayn said

"NO,!" i yelled

When i was going to go to sleep i was crying my eyes out and was looking at a picture of me and Zayn on my wall , when i came out of my room THERE WAS ZAYN IN THE LIVING ROOM SITTING IN THE COUCH PLAYING THE TUNE OF"Grenade" by Bruno Mars.Zayn started to sing while i was sniffing and whiping my eyes.

"I'll jump in front of a train for yaa... you know i'll do anything for yaa.. ohh OH!" zayn sang while crying

"babe , don't cry ! it'll make me cry more!!!"Zayn told me

i went up to him and i gave him a very big hug and i gave him a big kiss.! Zayn was soo happy that he missed feeling my bum !

"If i ever hear that you get another girl pregnant, i'm really breaking up with you!"

I told Zayn

His forehead laying on mines was the most romantic part.Zayn's eyes looked at my hazel eyes.i wanted to cry, but i was brave enough to hold it. I texted Jillian to see what she was up to. Jillian was going to move away with Louis.I COULDN'T BELIEVE THAT MY BEST FRIEND WAS GOING TO MOVE AWAY! There's still going to be One Direction. Jillian wanted to finish her school year.But she has to give birth to Munuro in order to finish college.Camila started to cry into Niall's arms because she couldn't believe that Jillian was going to move.Kayla went to get her suitcase and put it in back of Louis' van.

"Kayla, where the fuck are you going?" I asked her

"I'm moving with Jillian, DUHH!" Kayla said

"What about me?"Harry asked

"You coming with me, go pack up"Kayla told Harry

"What about me?" camila said whiping her eye

"Why are you crying ?" Harry asked walking up to Camila giving her a hug

"I wasn't crying, i had a um.. Feather in my eye!" Camila replied

"I'm so sorry i have to move , we have to take a plane to Canada! We're leaving in 3 more hours "

"I'll drive you guys " Niall suggested

"I'm going!"Camila said

***********Camila's P.O.V****************

I turned on the radio in the car as Niall drived. Home by Phillip Phillips was playing.

I've remembered that this used to be me and Genesis's favorite song when we were in the seventh grade.

"You love country music? Eh?"Niall asked me

"Yea babe, why?" I ask

"I don't now, just asking.." Niall replied

I layed back while playing subway surfers on my pink hello kitty iphone5

I fell asleep when i heard a big crash.i saw a car upside down on flames.i was in tears holing that the people in the car are not anyone that i know. Thank god it wasn't

We arrived at the airport. I gave jillian a big hug and told her to be safe.

"Bye mate,see you in a year! We could also skype.!"Louis told niall

Niall put his hands in his pockets and looked back. A woman with a big bum passed by and it caught Niall's attention.i slapped niall in back of his head for that he can stop.Me and Niall drove through where the accident had occured. Niall told me to cover my eyes for that i won't cry. i finally looked back and saw someone covered in blood with both legs cut off and one arm twisted. I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT. i put Little things on and started to sing along.Niall was singing to me and i was blushing. I was really looking at him while singing and him focusing at driving. Niall sings to me everytime. When im mad , when im crying , when im in any bad situation..! i got home and founded Eliza and Liam on top of MY BED.. eliza was on top of liam and she was knocked off. i grabbed eliza by her ear and told her to get up . I ain't care if she is my cousin i will still slap the shit out of her .__.  

"ELIZA GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE ROOM" i screamed at Eliza 

When i uncovered her and Liam they were naked 

"OH MY LORD! LIAM YOU GOT A BIG PENIS , let me guess.. 10.2,?"i asked Liam 

"Erm, yea!" Liam said giggling 

Niall carried my out of the room covering my eyes.Niall tripped over a chair and we landed on the floor. We were laughing and couldn't stop. I got up right away because i almost fell in my stomach nd i do not want Jamie to come out discomboblated.I'm planning to have another child next year! It's too much work .i helped Niall up.we both went to the kitchen waiting for liam and Eliza to get settled. I was going to vomit. My face looked constipated. My belly was huge like santa clauses!i had forgotten that Kayla and Harry went shopping for baby clothes! They are making a bib for my baby girl saying 'Niall's princess'! And one that has the 1d logo! 

"Are you ok babe?"Niall said holding me 

"Take me to the bathroom please..!!" I forced niall groaning 

Niall swept me off my feet and placed me in a chair in front of the toilet.i then went to sleep. The next morning i woke up and i was getting prepared to go shopping. 

"Babe, where are you going?"Niall asked me 


"Come on , stayyyyyyy"Niall told me grabbing my hand and showing me the bed 

"I'll stay but you gotta do the dishes" 

"Yeah, ok!" 

I went to take a shower when i felt dizzy.i was very tired. I just slipped in some baggy hot pink sweat pants and put on Niall's batman shirt with black bailey buttons uggs and had my hair in a messy bun showing my blonde highlights. I went to lay down on my couch that lays back and gives me a massage!i fell asleep watching the xfactor! I WANT CARLY ROSE AND DIAMOND WHITE TO WIN! Gurr! I went upstairs when i saw Liam.Liam looked at me up and down and was biting his lip. 

"Erm, what are you doing?"i asked giggling 

"Wait, Eliza?it's too dark so i thought you were eliza.and your bum caught my eye.Sorry" 

"Its ok". 

I went to Eliza's room and i was reminding her about her 7th grade crush. 

"I remember when we always used to blush when we saw HIM!"  

"Werd doe"Eliza said. 

Last night i felt the baby kicking too much that i was very exhausted. It was time to go to sleep and i gave Niall a 1 minute kiss in order for him to fall asleep. I was in pain. I asked Niall to tKe me to the hospital.Kaitlyn came to my room and knocked.  

"Camila, Eliza told me to tell u that if you can go to the hospital with hher" 

"Tell her yeah because i'm feeling pain too!" I said 

I just wanted it to go away! I got to the hospital and the doctor checked me. He said probably Jamie will be born in 4 more days! 

Wish me luck!


So , tht was the chapter ;) 

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