"Never just your Average Girl♥"(One Direction Love story)

Camila , Kayla , Jillian, Eliza , and Genesis have been friends with Kaitlyn for a while now.Yet Kaitlyn has a huge secret she never told anyone.She always thought people would use her.Yeah that's right, Harry Styles from One Direction is her brother.Kaitlyn never brought them to her house because of her brother and everything. One day he was going to be gone with the boys for a good few hours.Kaitlyn gets them over but after a few the worst thing can happen at the worst moment.


5. .



So , it's been a week since me and the guys did it with the girls... so, i guess ... uh , i dunno.

"Babe, i love you" I told Cami giving her a kiss on her lips

"I don't like you! I LOVE YOU!" Cami said

"Well, i thought so .. " i told her

"But, if i said i didn't like you, you wouldn't have done anything because you know i took karate and i hit hard, right?" Cami said

"MMhmm!" i reply

"Babe, want me to get some popcorn !? i'm real hungry!" Camila asked me

"YES!! YES YES YES!" i said screaming

Liam walked into the room with Eliza

'Wow dude! your relationship is getting real serious" Liam told me

"Yeah ! I'm gonna marry her!" I told Liam

Liam gave me a high five!Eliza was just sitting there looking all bored as usual!

Me and the guys went downstairs and were hanging out with the girls too!

"When Jamie Marie is born her first words are gonna be NANDOS!" I said

"Niall , shut the front door, you're soo corny!"Kaitlyn said

"When Jamie grows up the first thing she's gonna eat with is a fork!" Liam says

"Liam, you're going to corrupt the poor little girl. Niall's gonna kill you!" Harry said

"Shut up Harry before i mess up your fro!" Liam said


"When Jamie grows up she's gonna love carrots like her Uncle Lou and it must be her first word!" Louis says

"Louis stfu , her first words are gonna be VAS HAPPENIN!"Zayn said screaming!

Me and Camila just stared at each other! 

"I'm going back upstairs to pretend i never heard any of that!" Camila said

"Agreed" i replied

"Oh no, Your fans are sending me very mean messages ! They don't want me to be your girlfriend anymore!" Camila said crying running to the bathroom

I ran right in back of her

"Camila please open the door"i said in a soft pleading voice

"NIALL! i really wanna be alone!" Camila said fight back tears

"Hey , what's going on?" Genesis and Kayla ask


"Don't let Niall come in!" Camila said

"Whats wrong sis?" Kayla asks Camila

"I was checking out my twitter and i was loosing followers! then i checked who was replying to me! over 100's of fans were sending me very mean tweets on my twitter!" Camila said

"They're bitches ! they're just jealous because you're Niall Horan's girlfriend and you're going to have a baby and they're not!" Genesis says

"I'll talk to you guys later , " Camila says

"Ok , bye" Genesis and Kayla say walking out the bathroom

"What did she say?" i asked Kayla

''Nothing , bye" Kayla said walking away

"Please princess open the door!" i tell Camila

Camila opens the door and i immediatly give her a big HORAN HUG!

"Forget the haters please , they shouldn't effect our relationship. don't let them get to you" i said giving her hysteria

Camila was crying grabbing my shirt crying into my neck.i took my iphone out and went on twitter, then i tweeted:PLEASE stop sending hate to Camila. she is my princess.Honestly it isn't her fault i fell in love with her." i went closer to her body and stroked her beautiful brunette hair . i start singing to her for that she cold calm down.

"Is everything alright?" Genesis asks

"yes, everything is fine!" i reply

"Good , Sis i think we should go have a talk!" Kayla tells Camila

"Ok , lets go to the room" Camila replies


i wanted to have a sister to sister conversation with Camila.

"So , how do you feel about being Niall's girlfriend?" i ask Camila

"Well , i love MY NIALL soo much that i had him!" Camila replies

"You're crazy! Anyways i know you guys first had an argument because of Demi Lovato. how'd you feel about that?" I asked

"Well , when i saw her at the store last week i wanted to slap the shit out of her but her manager was standing right next to her so i tripped her!"Camila said laughing

"Yo , you're a trouble maker!"i told Cami

"Well, i am who i am!"Camila said

"so, if u ever saw Demi giving Niall a Horan hug or giving him a peck wat would you do?" i asked Camila

"hmpt, you already know!! grab the girl's weave, curse in her face, tell her to fuck of nd kick her in between her legs!! Problem solved! anything else?" Camila replied


Soft fingers on mine back, writing words, traveling here and there...

"I love you!" I said like happy child, smiling at him.

"Yes, love. And this?" he asked in his irish accent writing again. He sent shivers down my spine, his touch like butterfly on my back, flying here and there.

"I want you." I guessed, feeling his hot breath on my naked back


"You're so smart, Camila." he said, moving his pink lips across my back. He loved everything on me, but my back especially. The way he touch it, so gently like I'm peace of weak glass, and I can broke with one touch. So softly, taking care of me.

"I want you too." I whispered looking at the headboard. I can feel his smile on small of my back, his teeth traveling up to my shoulders. His tongue like lollipop, so sweet and hot. Feeling his kisses on my shoulder is the best thing ever. I'm feeling lost.

Slowly, I lay on my back to face him. He's hovering me, I can feel the weight of his body on top of mine. That blonde, soft hair tickling my cheek, my fingers react immediately. Running in that hair, pulling him closer to my neck. Wanting to feel his lips on every part of my body. On my skin. With him, you feel everything. Love, attention, pleasure...everything.

"Babe, kiss me. Please." I moaned softly and he look up at me. Big, blue eyes are looking straight into my own. I'm lost every time he look at me like this, and he knows that. He likes that.

Painfully slowly, with no rush, he met mine lips with his. I felt fire burning in my veins, in my stomach, chest... I couldn't think straight. Licking my bottom lip, I allowed his tongue to dance along with mine. To fight for dominance, even when I know he would win. He always wins!

I went back downstairs to see how the guys and gis were doing. They were bored so i decided to play spin the bottle with them! 

I spun the bottle and it landed on me and Harry 

"I dare both of you to french kiss"Zayn said 

"If its ok with Kayla?"i said 

"I don't care!" kayla said 

"Me either , you know i still love you cami!"Niall said 

Me and Harry tounge kissed. It was kinda good SORRY KAYLA :x.. 

The bottle got on kaitlyn and genesis. I dared them to switch clothes until the end of the day 

The bottle landed on Eliza and Kayla: they had to lap dance one of the boys.. HAHA. And that boy was Zayn. Genesis got real mad and decided to grab Kayla and Eliza by the shirts. 

"DONT DO THAT! DOOCHEBAGS!!"Genesis yelled 

"We have to!!"Eliza said 

The bottle then landed on me and Niall. I had to grind on him and make moaning sounds .. IT WAS LOUI'S IDEAAA!! The bottle landed on no one but it was close to kaitlyn.Kaitlyn and i had to smell each others feet. THANKS ALOT LIAM!we didn't feel like playin anymore! Everyone left home! Me and Niall cuddled together very tight.Kayla and i had bunk beds Big ones. So, i heard Kayla's side moving alot and i heard alot of moaning. Me Nd Niall were just happily kissing each other about to swallow each other 

"Baby,i want you again.! You're the most sexiest girl i have ever seen!"Niall told me 

"YOU're soo beautiful Kayla.. I WANT YOU BABY .."Harry yelled 

"SHUT THE FUCK UP DOWN THERE!!"i screAmed at Harry 

"Calm down babe, just pay no mi-" i cut Nialls sentence just to kiss his beautiful sexxy lips.. 

"I WANT YOU TO ROCK ME ,ROCK MEE"Niall whispered in my ears 

"Ok, when?" I asked 

"Now would be a good time , babe" Niall said 

I got on top of Niall and humped on him (sorry if im being too dirty) 

"FASTER"niall said 

"Calm the fuck down i aint no machine ,!" I told Niall 

"Camila,"Kayla told me 

"What?" I asked 

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!" Kayla screamed  


So, that was the chapter, i found it short! But was it good? Eh, i've seen better.. 

Fan me :) byee xx

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