"Never just your Average Girl♥"(One Direction Love story)

Camila , Kayla , Jillian, Eliza , and Genesis have been friends with Kaitlyn for a while now.Yet Kaitlyn has a huge secret she never told anyone.She always thought people would use her.Yeah that's right, Harry Styles from One Direction is her brother.Kaitlyn never brought them to her house because of her brother and everything. One day he was going to be gone with the boys for a good few hours.Kaitlyn gets them over but after a few the worst thing can happen at the worst moment.


4. .


Camila's P.O.V

This bitch think that i'm playing with him.i don't play with players -.- i slap players who cheat.a relationship is not a freaking test. 

I got a text from Niall:

From Niall: 

Please can you forgive me?

To Niall: 

Keep talking, someday you'll say something intelligent!

From Niall:  

I've tried to much, i gave to much, and i cared to much.!

To Niall:

Lmfaoo, about Demi, BiTCH

From Niall:

I won't leave you alone until i get a yes or no

To Niall: 

Excuse me, I think you are mistaking me for someone who gives a damn.

From Niall:  

I'll buy you anything you want , i'll get you anyone you want! Please baby!

To Niall:

Where are you now?

From Niall:

At a XFactor party...

To Niall :

Fuck outta here, go fuck up Demi -.- 

You're a fucking COCCYDYNIA

From Niall:

What does that mean?

To Niall:  

COCCYDYNIA means a pain in the butt

From Niall:

But i haven't yet .. if you know what i mean

To Niall:


From Niall:

I'm literally crying -__-

To Niall:

Bitch , idc go hug demi she'll make you feel better since she's DEMITRIA LOVATO -_-

Do you want me to accept you as you are, or do you want me to lie to myself and try to like you?

From Niall:

PLease , Im sitting here alone

realising your gone 

i know i cant change things 

i know i was wrong

To Niall:

eh,i don't know :/

I was sitting on my couch crying my eyes out. i had broken up with Niall and it was my fault that i was sad. I had broken up with him because i thought he was soo madly in love with Demi Lovato. Whenever i had a bad day i would think about how Niall would make me feel better, and then i would start crying again. i stared at a picture of me and him as tears ran down my face. Then there was a knock at the door. i got up, wiped the tears off my face, and went to the door. When i opened it my heart nearly stopped. The love of my life was standing in front of me, looking handsome as ever. i never thought that i would be lucky enough to see him again.

my first instinct was to jump into his arms, so i did. i wrapped my arms around his neck and hugged him tightly. The second he wrapped his arms around my waist. i burst into tears. He hugged me tighter and held my head to his chest gently. his touch made me so happy. He still had that sweet smell that he always used to have. i began to cry harder. "It's okay Cami" Niall said soothingly. Hearing his voice was so comforting. "It was the worst decision of my life, Niall!" i sobbed. Niall un-wrapped his arms from around me, lifted your chin and took my hands in his gently. "Don't cry babe. It makes me sad. I hate seeing you like this. I will always be here if you want to take back you decision." He said kissing my forehead. "I love you, Cami. Everything about you. Always have, and always will." Niall told me. He then unlocked one of his hands from mines and used it to tilt my chin up. He gave me a kiss. At that moment everything felt so right. The second we both pulled away Niall took something out of his jacket. "I got this for you. I didn't know exactly what to bring you. I would have brought you flowers but I figured you would like this more." Niall said showing you a Leo that he had bought me. i giggled. Niall kissed me again, but this kiss was longer and more passionate. Niall pulled away and lightly kissed my neck before mumbling, "Jump, babe."

i jumped and he lifted me into his arms, still kissing your neck. He carried me to my room and gently laid me down on the bed. He undressed me and i undressed him. Once we were both completely undressed he laid down on top of me and stared into my eyes. You're beautiful Cami." Niall said before gently kissing me. He pulled away and kissed his way down to my breast. He stopped there and squeezed and kissed each one. Then he continued his trail of kisses down to where i wanted him the most. He stopped again and looked up at me. "I love you more than anything and I'm never letting you go again. I can't live without you." "I love you too Niall." i said. "Do you have any chocolate, whipped cream, or strawberries?" Niall asked. i nodded and ran downstairs to grab what he wanted. "I don't want to hurt you. Let me just get you a bit wet to take away some of the pain." Niall laughed slightly and ran his fingers through my brunette hair before sliding down my body to pleasure me. i smiled and prepared for the amazing feeling of Niall's mouth. He rubbed some chocolate on my clit before sucking if off. i bucked my hips forward, he laughed against me, vibrating against my skin. That alone almost sent me over the edge. He kept at that for a while before sprayed some whipped cream onto a strawberry and then stuck it partially in my opening. He smirked up at me before he removed the strawberry and licked all of the whipped cream out. He bit the strawberry before he inserted a finger and pumped it a few times then adding another.

"Niall. I'm close." i said after a while. He gave one long suck and a hard shove of his fingers and it came like i never had before. "Fuck! Oh God, I've missed this." i yelled as Niall licked all of my juices up and said, "You still taste amazing as always". i took his fingers in my mouth and licked them clean. i could taste some of the whipped cream. "Now am I ready?" i hopefully asked. He chuckled. "Yeah. But let me know if I'm hurting you." Niall responded. He kissed me gently as he slowly pushed into. The pain was awful and it hurt so badly. A tear rolled down my cheek. "I can stop if you want to. Just let me know." Niall noticed and suggested. "No, don't stop. Make love to me like you used to." i told him, trying to ignore the pain. He continued to push in until he was completely inside me. He gave me a minute to adjust. "Ready?" He asked, after a while. i nodded in response.

15 minutes later i was laying in Niall's arms trying to catch my breath. That was the best sex that i had ever had. "I love you, don't let me be stupid and leave you ever again." i said. "I won't babe. I'm never letting you slip away again. we both laughed before he kissed me and he fell asleep with me in his arms.Jamie Marie Horan is going to be me and Niall's daughter!


I had a shitty week. My boss just keeps yelling at me.. I headed home and decided to go to the club with Eliza. I grabbed my short reveling dress and put on a little bit of make up. i fixed up my hair and heard the door bell ring. I walked down the stairs slowly in my heels and saw my friend. We walked over to the closest club we could find. We walked in and saw that it was pretty dark and crowded. We headed over to the bar and got a couple drinks. MY friend and i headed to the dance floor and started dancing. As i danced i felt someone pull me and grind on my ass so i decided to grind on his junk.IT WAS ZAYN!!!

He kissed my neck. I felt myself starting to get wet between my thighs. His hands ran down to my hips making its way to my thighs. I felt him getting hard as i grinded against him. I started to grind hard on him now. he started to moan a bit against my neck. His hand started to make its way into my inner thigh. "Wanna get out of here" He said in my ear giving me chills down my spine. I nodded my head. He grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the club rushing to his house which was just around the corner. Hmm close to mine. As soon as we got in, He slammed me against the door closing it then kissing me hard. His hands grasped my ass pulling me up. "Jump" He said. As i did, i wrapped my legs around his torso as he carried me off to his bedroom not breaking away from the kiss. He laid me down genitally on the bed. His hands ran up and down my thighs then the back of my dress to where the zipper was. He started to unzip me then kiss down my body as he pulled my dress off. i was now in my lacy black bra and matching panties. He came back to my face and kissed me again moving his hands around my back, unclasping my bra and throwing it. He moves down to my panties, ripping them off. "Your already this wet?" He said touching my sensitive spot.

"I want you" I said sitting up tugging on his pants. I took his belt off nice and slow and slid his pants down to his ankles leaving him with only his boxers on and his bulge behind it. I rubbed it with my palm a bit and watched him get frustrated.

"Stop toying with me Genesis! Take the damn boxers off already!" He demanded. I did what i was told and took it off making his erection pop out. I took it with one hand and kissed the tip making him tilt his head. I took it a bit in my mouth and stroking it with one hand. As soon as i saw him in so much pleasure, i stood up and climbed on top of him.

"Your so perfect" I said looking into his eyes. He smiled then i sat on top of his erection. I screamed a bit but adjust myself to him. I shut my eyes and felt a tear roll down my face.

"Am i hurting you?" He said stopping. I opened my eyes as he stopped and rubbed the tears off my face.

"No. Its okay" I said . He laid me on the bed then carefully pushed himself him again. I dont know why but when i look at him, i feel butterflies. . He began to thrust faster into as soon as he knew that i was able to adjust to him. We both knew our pleasures were building up and were about to hit out climax. About a couple minutes later, we did. He laid next to me. I covered my self up with the sheets then turned my head to look at him. His face was inches away from mine then his forehead touched mine.

"You know, ive see you just around the corner and i never had the chance to ask you to dinner sometime. Do you think we could i dont know go to dinner maybe sometime?" He said. I felt his hot breath on my face, then he pulled me into his arms.

"Yes" I said looking up at him then kissing his lips. Again the butterflies grew back in my stomach. I wouldnt have never know this boy if it wasn't for my bad day.


"Enough Harry, I'm done with your shit." I shouted, and walked out of his apartment.

"Listen! She's just a really good friend, ok!" Harry said, holding my shoulder and turning me to face him. His angelic face, now filled with different emotions, mostly, he seemed so confused.

"Good friend? Ha nice one, Harry." I spat at him, feeling like an idiot.

"It's not like we're dating or something? Why do you even care?!" Harry replied, instantly. His facial expression was now, a little soft, and he was regretting what he just said.

Well, its true. We weren't dating, well, he was just, kinda flirting with me, and I played along. I really did like Harry, and he was just playing around. Only if I knew that before? How can she be a 'Good Friend' when she was practically sitting on his lap, half naked?

"Your right, ha, why do I even care?" I said, a little hurt, and started to walk away. Well, that was kind of rude? But he was right; remind me why do I have to like a guy who doesn't like me back? Gosh.

"Kayla! Wait!" Harry said, holding my shoulder and pulling it towards him, so now I was facing him- great.

"What?" I said sternly, I had no right to be pissed off about that, but, oh gosh I don't know. Harry still hadn't replied, but he kept on staring, his eyes piercing into me, up to down, down to up. He was making me feel so fucking insecure. "Harry?" I said, trying to get him to stop staring at me.

He didn't reply, but all he did was lean in a kiss me, his slightly rough lips were attached to mine, it was like our lips for made for each other. The kiss started to deepen, and then I realized, Harry. Harry Fucking Styles was kissing me. Is this a dream?

Harry's hands were firmly placed on my hips, and my hands tangled in his hair, the atmosphere between us two had changed within minutes. Now all I could want was Harry, and I'm sure he wanted the same thing. We broke apart gasping for air, Harry's forehead was resting on mine, and his breathing was landing on my face... Well this was romantic.

"Kayla, I'm sorry, she didn't mean anything to me, I promise! I, I mean, you, you're the one. You're the only one, I honestly denied it for so much time, but then I knew, it was you all along." Harry said, I couldn't have replied to this, oh my gosh, I was almost about to cry, what he just said was the sweetest thing ever!

I simply replied with a kiss, his tongue instantly slipped into my mouth, and he started dragging me inside, the girl was long lost, I couldn't even care where she was! I was with Harry and that's all that mattered. Harry's hands were traveling all over my body, sending shivers.

He gently laid me on the bed, and hovered over me, and lifted up my shirt, doing the same with my pants, and both of my clothing's were on the floor, I felt so comfortable in front of Harry like this, no odd feelings, nothing but love and lust. Harry's clothes were soon off as well, and his fingers were playing with the waist band of my knickers. He gently slid them down and left small wet kisses on stomach, leading to the place I needed him most. I was feeling insecure about myself, this was the first time someone would taste me, erm, awkward....

"Harry!" I shouted, "What are you doing?" I slightly shouted again, tangling his hair in my fingers, and his head shot up, in confusion. "What do you mean?" Harry said, his angelic voice lingering into my ears. I just looked down, I was so ashamed. "Kayla, has anyone ever went down on you?" Harry asked, softly. I gently shook to my head No.. "So I'm the first one who's going to taste you?" Harry said, a little smile formed his beautiful face. "Yeah." I said, more like a whisper.

"Kayla, hey look, I'm happy I'm the first person to ever taste you, ok. I don't even care how fucking weird that sounds! Hey, I love you." Harry said, cupping my face, making my lips into a pout. He laughed a little. "You're a cutie, now stop being insecure!" Harry winked. As Harry continued what he was doing. He gently pecked my folds, sending waves of pleasure through my whole body, and then he gently licked my clit, oh my gosh, this feels so good. Harry held my waist tightly and started to eat me out. Waves of pleasure going through my body, only Harry was the one who could make me feel this way.

"Fuck! Harry, I'm cumming!" I shouted, my hands digging into his curls even more, my body shaking, the pleasure was unbelievable. I cummed in Harry's mouth. (;L) "Oh my god." I sighed in relief, my body relaxing from my high.

"Babe, you taste amazing." Harry said winking, a smile spread across my face, and I started to blush. Harry took off his boxers and positioned himself in front of me, teasing me. "Stop the fucking teasing and get in me!" I shouted, Harry laughed at my desperation, and plunged himself into me. A single tear rolled down my cheek, the pain was horrible, but it was soon replaced by pleasure, and Harry started thrusting into me.

"You're so fucking tight babe!" Harry moaned, and placed both of my legs on his shoulders, so he could go deeper; he kept on hitting my g-spot, making me feel on top of the world. "Harry! Harder!" I moaned, and Harry did as I said, he thrusted harder and I could feel my climax coming.

"Cum in 3!" Harry shouted, his attention fully on what he was doing.

"1!" One hard thrust.

"2!" Another hard thrust, I could feel my body shaking.

"3! Cum for me baby!" Harry shouted, me and Harry climaxed together, my body trembling from all the pleasure.

Harry stopped thrusting, and fell on the bed beside me, our breathing un even.

Maybe, I fell in love with a person who loves me back, I guess only a little patience was needed to make it all make sense.



I pulled Louis head up with my finger and kissed him. Yes, on the lips. There were sparks bombs EXPLODING between our mouths and he could obviously feel it too. I pulled back a second later and looked at him like he was looking at me~ Jillian: Oh my gosh Louis I'm so sorry I shouldn- ~He put his finger to my lips to shush me~ Louis: Do you think I would've kissed you back, if I didn't already tell you I liked you so much, that it almost kills me that I don't get to see you again? Jillian: Louis, this doesn't have to be the last time you know? But it will be for a while I guarentee. Louis: Then please let me make it memorable okay?Jillian: Whatever you want. Louis: ~locks the door~ Okay but you have to remain COMPLETELY silent throughout this okay? ~I nod and he slowly leans back in, pressing his lips against mine laying me down on the couch. He was moving his hands rapidly all over my body, while I tried to stay quiet. He slipped in his tongue a while later, while moving his hands to the bottom of my shirt, when he suddenly stopped, got up, threw me on his shoulder and ran to his car~ Jillian: Louis what the fuck are you doing?! Louis: I want to hear your moans, I want you to scream my name when you cum, and I want to say all the dirty things I've been wanting to say to you. ~We got into a nice car with slightly tinted windows. He laid me down in the back and climbed ontop of me closing and locking the doors behind us. He lifted me up and took my shirt off, and started kissing down my neck. I moaned out in pleasure as he got closer and closer to my breasts. I wore a front clip bra, so he unclipped it and started sucking on my nipple. Massaging my right nipple with his hand~

~Louis P.O.V.~

~It was when she moan when I worked on her breasts that I realized this wasn't just a wet dream I was having. She was real, this was real, everything was real. I moved to her other nipple giving it the same pleasure as the other. I came back up and kissed her, pulling my shirt off and my pants and boxers too. I pulled off her shorts and panties and lightly rubbed her clit. She was soaking wet~ Louis: Damn babe, did little ol' Lou make you this wet? Jillian: Of course y-you did Lou. P-please no teasing, I need you in me. ~I happily positioned my length at her center, since she was a delicate person. Like a delicate flower to me. I kissed her and told her it was gonna hurt as first, and she said she already knew it would. I slowly pushed into her, going halfway until I saw her turn her head trying to hide a tear falling from the pain. I kissed it away turned her head towards me and pressed our foreheads together. I finally pushed all the way in and laid there staring into her eyes for seemed like forever, before she wiggled under me letting me know I could thrust. First I did a couple of slow, unsure thrusts until I looked at her face, and then I accidently slammed myself into her. She moaned out a curse and then my name, making this even hotter. She told me to keep going like that so I started slamming myself into her, deeper and deeper with each thrust. In and out, in and out, each time she would moan, I would lose it and slam harder and harder. Soon enough, I could feel her start to clench around me? So I moved my hand down and rubbed fast and hard on her clit, making her scream out in pleasure. That's all it took, the face of me making her feel like the only girl in the world,and her amazing voice yelling out my name, that I cummed in her. HARD. I finally stopped after a while and pulled out. I bent down and licked some of the cum off her leg as it was trickling down. I laid down beside her and pulled her into my arms, as if I let go she would fall away. I heard her whisper Jillian: Louis, please don't ever leave me. I love you too much to lose another person. Louis: ~I smiled and kissed the top of her head~ I won't ever leave you love, I promise. ~With that I helped her get her clothes back on, as I found mine. When I looked back to say something, she had fallen asleep on the seat. I smiled and drove her to my house. I carried her inside and laid her on my bed, letting her rest. I laid down beside her shortly after and fell asleep, her in my arms finally.


i was being shuffled towards your seat during the awards. i had to sit a few seats away from my beautiful boyfriend, Liam. The awards seem to drag on for what seemed like forever. Half way through i got the feeling that i wanted Liam, bad. 'Oh god, really here!' i thought. i really needed to relieve this "problem" but how could that work without my man near me. After they had won every award they were nominated for, of course, they were allowed to sit next to me. 'YES!' i thought.

"Hey babe" Liamm whispered sitting next to me, he rested a hand on my thigh and all you wanted was his fingers curling against my g-spot. 'Ugh! Stop' i ordered yourself.

"Babe, could we go to the bathroom?" i asked sweetly, batting my eyes at him flirtatiously.

"Erm...?" he pondered. "Uuh... sure." he finally agreed standing up. i jumped up and ran to the bathroom eagerly. i ran to the bathroom and Liam followed.

"Wh-" before he could finish i pushed him into the door and kissed him hard. He didn't react at first but then reacted kissing me back passionately.

my lips traced down his neck, exploring the his skin.

"Babe..." he moaned quietly. i continued sucking, and biting his sweetest of spots. i started unbuttoning his shirt to show off his perfectly chiseled chest. my lips kept going south down his torso to the hem of his pants, feeling his abs along the way.

"Babe... Are you sure... I mean here?" asked Liam, stopping me from doing what of course every man wanted.

"Yes." i said before continuing to slip of his pants until he stood almost completely naked. my finger tips ran up and down his shaft, while quietly moans escaped his lips, almost not there. This sound gave me a rush of energy. . He moaned loudly, running his fingers through you hair.

"EL-ELIZA..." he moaned. i felt him getting closer to his climax. i stopped and came but up to his mouth.

"Ugh!" he groaned. i smirked on his lips.

Lets leave it at, best.bathroom.sex.ever.


hmm, i wonder where my best friends Kaitlyn's at :( I MISS MY BEST FRIENd :( SHE'S GONNA HAVE A NIECE :D


Like the story?!

So i'm gonna tell you a little bit

me+Niall=Jamie Marie Horan (daughter)

Genesis+Zayn=Gabriella Malik(daughter)

Eliza+Liam=Mary Kate Payne(Daughter)

Jillian+Louis=Munro Tomlinson

Thanks, fan ,comment!

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