"Never just your Average Girl♥"(One Direction Love story)

Camila , Kayla , Jillian, Eliza , and Genesis have been friends with Kaitlyn for a while now.Yet Kaitlyn has a huge secret she never told anyone.She always thought people would use her.Yeah that's right, Harry Styles from One Direction is her brother.Kaitlyn never brought them to her house because of her brother and everything. One day he was going to be gone with the boys for a good few hours.Kaitlyn gets them over but after a few the worst thing can happen at the worst moment.


3. .


Kaitlyn's P.O.V

"Well, umm... one of One Direction's member is my brother.That One Direction member is.... ..." i said stuttering

"IS WHO WHO WHOOOOOOOO? TELL ME RIGHT NOW" Camila said yelling in my face

"Harry Styles" i said coughing

"Who ?"Kayla said

'Harry Styles" i said whispering

"WHO?"Kayla yelled at my face

"HARRY STYLES!!!!" I yelled in Kayla's face

"Oh, this shit is about to get REAL!!!!" Camila said clapping and laughing

"Ok, you guys aren't suppose to tell anyone ok? Keep it a secret.. PLEASE.. " i pleadded

"Fine , if you hook us up with One Direction then we won't tell" Genesis said

"Well , idk about that.." I said

Harry and the boys entered the house.Kayla and Camila turned red and wanted to scream.Harry stepped out of the house and hid.

"HARRY, IT'S OK THEY ALREADY KNOW!" i said screaming outside

"Ok , thanks sis" Harry said

Camila was crying too much i that i went up to her and hugged her and told her it was alright.Harry went up to Camila and hugged her and whiped her tears out of her face.Camila was looking down instead of looking at Harry's beautiful Green eyes!She heard harry speaking too much about how much he's heard about her being the #1 Directioner Along with The other girls! Niall went up to her and lifted her head up.

"Listen... umm .. " Niall said

"Camila..."i said helping Niall finish his sentece

"Camila , you're the most beautiful fan i have ever mmet you know , we should hang out together sometime!" Niall said to camila

'Really? can we start now ??"

"Sure, babe!" Niall said

Zayn got to know Genesis , Louis got to know Jillian , Liam got to know Eliza, and Harry got to know Kayla.

"I was soo.. happy but, i had no one to hang out with.. I called my boyfriend over,Nick was his name, and he said ok..i couldn't wait to see him. the last time i saw him was this morning

"Hey babe,"Nick said when i opened the door

"Hey ," i said giving him a kiss in the lips

"What do you wanna do?" He asked

"You tell me , " i said biting my lip

"Ok,"Nick said taking me to the rec room"!


So, i met this really nice,pretty, wonderful girl right now and her name is Genesis.Her eyes made me melt and her melt made me LOVE! Makes no sense????! right? Ok.. So Me and Genesis decided to know alittle bit about each other

"So, how old are you?" i asked Genesis

"I'm 19 yeard old!"Genesis said

"Oh, very cool"I told her

"Yup , so wanna go hang out somewhere to get to know each other and plan .. when we should hang out sometimes else?" Genesis asked

"Sure,babe!" i said


So, babe, wanna get to kknow each other?!" i asked Eliza

"Of course that's why ... i'm talking to you .."Eliza said

"HAHAHA" i started laughing

"You know you're so very beautiful?" i told Eliza

"Really? wow i haven't hear that since my father died" Eliza said about to cry

"really? i'm so sorry for your loss" i said

"I- i..-ts ok! No worries" Eliza said crying more 

i hugged ELIZA AND TOLD her tha we should go into one of the other rooms to hang out

Louis P.O.V

"HAHAHAAA" i was laughing

"I know right, CARROTS!" Jillian said screaming

"WHERE , LET'S GO HUNT FOR SOME HEALTHY CARROTS!" i said whispering in Jillian's ears.

"YEA, YOU KNOW WE'RE SO FINE AND PERECT FOR EACH OTHER?" Jillian told me whispering in my ear and biting her lip

"Yes babe, i know . we really do !" I said 

"Ok, aren't we going to hunt for carrots? Damn you take too long" I told Jillian


Jillian is a very smart,sarcastic,pretty, wonderful girl! we make a very cute couple.. every member of One Direction agreed so..! I fount all of the other boys paired up with each girl!

Harry's P.O.V

Their's this very beautiful girl that i just met today and her name is Kayla..She's a very pretty girl and i will never let her go. i love her sooo much even though i just met her. When i fall in love, i wall HARD

"Harry , wanna go upstairs to the room?!" Kayla asked me

"Sure, babe" i said

i know Kayla thought i was sexy and all iwht my green eyes, i love whenever girls say that i feel so special ..!

"So , what kind of things do you like?" i asked Kayla

'Well i like curly hair boys,green eyes, they like curvy girls , who like cheecky girls , and can take banter!"Kayla said

i bit my lip and hoped that i wasn't drooling. OMG KAYLA LIKES THE SAME THINGS THAT I DO! WHAT A SURPRISE.. WHAT A SURPRISE! i was sooooo excited when she knew that i liked girls that way."

"No way , i love those things too!" i said happy

"NO SHIT, SHERLOCK!" Kayla said

"Don't play smart with me!" i said hitting Kayla in the shoulder


My girl is already my girlfriend! it's been a month since me and the boys got together with those pretty girls

"Babe, have you seen my iphone charger?" Camila asked me

"Nah , i have it in my hand"I said giggling

"Babe, i really need it back i need to text my mom"Cami said whining

"Awww... that's so boring , TRY TO GET IT!" i said running

"Come on , " cami said getting up from my bed

Camila was running right when she tripped and hit her head on the floor

"OMG CAMI ARE YOU OK?" I said running up to her

I carried her to my bed and got her some water.

"OW, can you please get me a bandaid because i scraped my knee falling for you"Cami said biting her lip

"AWW , THAT'S SO CUTE!' i said giggling

Cami got on top of me and gave me a long  wet kiss..

"Aww, look at that couple. so cute so caring so-" 

"SO ANNOYING, GET OUT KAYLA!"Cami said cutting off Kayla's sentence

"Ok fine , but don't swallow each other !" Kayla walked out of the room

"Babe , do you know i really love you?"

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~2 years later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Do you know i really hate you?!" i told Camila

"Well, what's their to hate when you don't know how to change your mind?!"Camila said screaming at me

"Ok , but i told you a million times, I AM NOT IN LOVE WITH DEMI LOVATO , i'm in love with you~" i told Camila


"Yo- you know know what? i'm leaving just don't talk to me anymore . DONT TEXT ME ,DONT CALL ME ,DONT TALK TO ME ,DON'T DO ANYTHING TO HURT ME!"Camila said grabbing her over the shoulder 1d bag

"Wait CA-" i said getting my sentence cut off by the door slamming

"OMG WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST DO?!" i said crying

i looked outside and saw that not one sign of Cami was found , her car was still parked in my garage.

I opened my door and saw Cami sitting on the floor crying so much , 

"Are you ok babe?" i asked her

"YOU ASKING ME IF I'M OK? Don't you have ANOTHER girlfriend to go talk to?"Cami told me yelling at me

"OH MY FUCKING GOSH! DEMI FUCKING LOVATO IS NOT MY FUCKING GIRLFRIEND!"i said yelling and crying whiping my eyes

"you think you know me, but you only know my name, MOTHER FUCKER!"Camila said walking away

"You will NEVER get married. No man would have such a miserable, mean, bad tempered shrew. I feel sorry for you" Cami said yelling at me

i turned aroun sat on the floor and sat there crying as if someone broke my heart,what kind of a boyfriend AM I? i'm a fucking ass stuppid boyfriend who don't know how to treat i girl!Alot of my fans think that i am in love with Demi Lovato. I DON'T FUCKING LIKE THAT.... .... AWKWARD, but pretty.... GIRL! Omg! why am i talking about her when i don't even like her..?But obviously i just said she was pretty.. don't mean i LIKE HER. i texted CAMILA, i know she said to not text her but i needed to know how she felt.

To cami:

Listen babe, i'm so sorry ! I feel sooo stupid !!!                                                        4:12pm

From Cami:

..... it's ok to feel what you are!                                                                       4:18

To Cami: 

Why don't you talk to me anymore?                                                                                                    4:18

From Cami:

.... You're not worth to talk for , and talking to you doesn't bring any benefits!                                     4:21

To cami:

Ok , but you just don't understand                                                                                                                4:21

I really want you back baby! please give me one more chance

From Cami:

hmm, lemme think about it..! UHHHH NO!                                                                                  4:30

 To Cami:

Please... I BEG YOU                                                                                                                 4:30

From Cami:

Talk is cheap, but that's ok, so are you. Bye i got to go .. 


What will next happen to CAMILA AND NIALL?! 

will they make up? Are you sure? mmm think again!

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