"Never just your Average Girl♥"(One Direction Love story)

Camila , Kayla , Jillian, Eliza , and Genesis have been friends with Kaitlyn for a while now.Yet Kaitlyn has a huge secret she never told anyone.She always thought people would use her.Yeah that's right, Harry Styles from One Direction is her brother.Kaitlyn never brought them to her house because of her brother and everything. One day he was going to be gone with the boys for a good few hours.Kaitlyn gets them over but after a few the worst thing can happen at the worst moment.


2. .



Me and Camila decided to go buy some stuff. Here in New York you could buy anything you want. I put on some pink sweats,put my black bailey button uggs on,wore my austrailian t-shirt,and put on my jean jacket.Me and Camila were looking at all kinds of stores Downtown.
We finally went to Forever 21.I heard my phone vibrating. I picked it up.
"Hello?"i said answering the phone
"Hey baby,it's mom calling! Be home by curfew ! Be careful out there and can you bring me one of those knit sweaters? Thanks babe ,MHUUAAW."my mom gave a kiss to the phone.
My mom would give me and Camila 200 dollars where ever we wanna go.Me and Cami bought the same clothes.. What? We're sisters ..We bought a Hello kitty hearts pull over,Floral print denim skinnies.We then went to the ugg store and bought Womens Rommy boots. After that me and Camila went straight home.My mom had made us some hot cocoa with tostadas. 

"MMMM.. mama you make it so good(no homo)" Camila said

"Why do you always say no homo every time you say something that doesn't sound homo?" i asked her

"Cause i wanna , you got a problem" Cami said

"YEAH!" i said going up to her face 

"MY BAD..! MY BAD.." Cami said

"Oh, ii" i said giving her a big hug

I went to my room and quietly got my laptop for that i won't wake up Cami

"YOU'VE GOT MAIL!" Said the person on the computer

"FUCK!" i said getting mad because the volume was up

The next morning was Sunday and me and Cami were just in the house talking to my mom and dad about life.After that me and Cami talked about our most favorite Boy band in the WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD.. ONE DIRECTION.. Yeah yeah you think we're not Directioners at all.. Think again . OUR ROOM IS ENTIRELY OF ONE DIRECTION. We have One Direction bed covers,Pillows, sWEATERS, SHIRTS, head phones,posters.. EVERYTHING.

Camila's p.o.v

So, today i decided to go to Genesis's house with Eliza,Kayla, and Jillian. i was bored so i asked Kayla if she wanted to go . We went and picked up Jillian and Eliza and told Genesis that we were on our way to her house.i knock on the door and her mom opens

"Hola Teresa" i said giving her mom a kiss in the cheeck

"Hola cami," Her mom says

"Hi Girrrrls" Her mom says

"HOLA Teresa" The girls say

"Oh fuck,i forgot...." i tell Genesis

"Whaa?" she asked

"i forgot to invite Kaitlyn" i say

"HA, DOOCHEBAG" she says laughing

"Shut up!' i told her punching her on the arms and laughing

"so,what do you have planned for us to do?" Eliza asks

"I dunno , watch a movie?" Genesis says

"Which movie?" Jillian and Kayla say at the same time laughing

"well, ima come back and ima get some snacks" Genesis said heading to the kitchen with me

"Why are you following me?" genesis asked me

"Cause, you're getting food and i love food.. FOO-NIALL HORAN" i said screaming

"Stop screaming , doocheface" Genesis told me giggling

"Ugh , fi-NIALL HORAN" i kept on saying cutting off each of my sentence

"Here, grab the nutella and the crackers" Genesis sai handing me the plate

"Here are the carrots with peanut butter" 

"The chips with some juice"

"How the fuck am i suppose to carry all of this?" i asked Genesis giggling

"Omg, KAYLA, JILLIAN, ELIZA COME HELP"Genesis screamed 

"NO, " Eliza said


"I'm here!" Eliza said running from the room

"CAN WE EAT NOW?" i asked

"WAITTT.." Genesis said

" i just want food"i said sadly

"YOU WANT FOOD? HERE'S SOME FOOD" Genesis said getting chips and stuffing it in my mouth (no homo)

"I want Niall for my birthday " i said

"Well , you can't.. and you won't " Eliza said

"Well, you'll get a spoon ,  ANDYOU WILL " i said screaming at Eliza

'Wanna get hurt?" Eliza asked me

"WANNA GET SPOONED?" i asked her

"HEY , HEY , HEY , stop ..! NOW!" Kayla said

"We were just joking ... " Eliza said

"Yeah well , me too! LETS EAT!" Kayla said

"We can't' Jillian said

"Why not?" They all asked 

"Cause camila ate it all"Jillian said

"CAMI, oh my gosh .! You're such an embarresment" Kayla told me

'Well , BITCH IM IRISH . I'M AN IRISH BOSS!" i said while eating chips

we decided to go to Genesis's back yard and play some tag. We know we're grown ups already but 18 and 19 year olds can play tag right? Yes..? Ok, yea..! We were arguing about who should be it. For that everyone could stop arguing i was it. The easiest person to catch was Eliza so Eliza had to be it every time.

"Fuck it i'm not playing anymore, smh!" Eliza said

"Word.. " me and Kayla said

"Lemme check my twitter, hold on , hold up ."i said

"OH MY GOSH,DEMI LOVATO FOLLOWED ME ON TWITTER!!! Ya peep this? YA PEEP IT, hold on ya not peeping shit.. NOW YA PEEP THIS? Ayee, like a boss my nicks" i said

"Hey, that's my word , my nicks " Eliza said

Every one of us went back inside the house and got a cup of water.We were watching Full house on Nickelodeon.Now, we got the whole point of the show. They fight and at the end they make up and put a song of feelings.

"Wow, people in the 90's aint know how to curse or fight!" I said

Everyone started to laugh.I told Genesis that i was getting ready to leave and drop off the girls.I went to get my car and i turned on the radio."What makes you beautiful" was starting. i dropped all the girls off at there houses.i left Kayla at our house for that i could park my car.I ran inside the house as fast as i can but i tripped.i didn't fall,I tripped. so then i went inside the house ,washed my hands, took a shower,put on my cheetah print pajamas on with my hello kitty slippers,drank some milk, then went to sleep.Well , i took a power nap for 10 minutes. Me and Kayla stood up until 4am watching movies or playing "Girl Talk". Girl talk is a One Direction board game.. I lost  So kayla won! i slapped her for winning. we were play fighting and fighting with our fists and everything. My mom came inside our room yelling telling us to stop fighting that her and dad are trying to get some sleep.Mom and Dad usually wake up at 12pm. Me and Kayla awake up very late @4pm. But when it's school days we usually go to sleep around 9:30 and wake up at 6.

Next day it was school.Me and Kayla got some breakfast at McDonalds and ate it the way to school.I went to go pick up Jillian,Genesis,Eliza,and Kait from there homes to drive them to school with us.We had diffrent schedules in school.After my Science class (when we disected frogs) i went to the bathroom and washed my hands alot... Touching frogs is very nastyy .. But, it was my first time touching frogs and my last tim too.It was lunch time so ee all sat together.Kaitlyn had asked all of is if we want to go over to her house for a while.We all said sure but Eliza wasn't sure if she could go because she had a physics test to study for.i had done all my homework in study hall . Oh , and i finished all my 6 pages.They go on our report card. I GOT An A+.. We all A-ced the test :D we all did good on the test so , we don't have to take anymore tests until April.After school i waited for the girls in my car.My car was pretty big . it had 8 seats . We got in Kaitlyn's house and we sat down in her living room watching t.v and talking about life.

"Hey guy, can i tell you something and it's really important" Kait said

"Sure, what is it" i said

"Umm, do you know One Direction?" Kait said

"FUCKK YEA... THEY'RE MY SHIT"Jillian said

"Well, umm... one of One Direction's member is....


Stay tuned.. What will Kaitlyn say..?

Has she kept this secret her whole life?

Will they stop being her friend?

Will they stay friends?!

Find out.. in my next chapter

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