"Never just your Average Girl♥"(One Direction Love story)

Camila , Kayla , Jillian, Eliza , and Genesis have been friends with Kaitlyn for a while now.Yet Kaitlyn has a huge secret she never told anyone.She always thought people would use her.Yeah that's right, Harry Styles from One Direction is her brother.Kaitlyn never brought them to her house because of her brother and everything. One day he was going to be gone with the boys for a good few hours.Kaitlyn gets them over but after a few the worst thing can happen at the worst moment.


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* Camila's P.o.v"       So, i'm just your average crazy 18 year old girl.Just think of me as .. your friend.   Sometimes i can be annoying,boring,or crazy.That's how life is.. people can sometimes change.But, in the inside i'm very nice , funny , and i can sometimes make a group around me!   I was walking to my locker when my sister,Kayla, came up to me crying.   "What's wrong kay?" i asked her   "I passed my... .. exam!"She said crying more with tears of joy   "Aww.. i'm gonna tell mom you deserve.. a .. um.. hug?" i said   "You're so crayy crayy'She said punching me in the arm   "Ha, now go to class before you get in trouble"She told me   I went to study hall which i had to study for the same exam Kayla had.!   Kayla is the best sister anyone could ever have.   We both have the same experiences in life!   Kayla is my diary.   "Hello , camii" Eliza says coming up to me giving me a hug sitting at my table   "What up , t-rexoo" i said giggling   "Hey, jelloo" Genesis says sitting at my table   "What up what up bitchess.." Jillian says sitting at my table   Me,Kaitlyn,Kayla,Genesis,Eliza,&Jillian were all sister(not literally) but we acted like we were   We go every where with each other..   Concerts,Games,Shopping,Amusment parks, Water Parks,etc.   We just love hanging out with each other.   We knew each other since we were very little.   I met Kaitlyn first.   We met in pre-k, We were fighing over juice boxes.   I opened the juice box and i squirted it all over her(no homo)   my teacher told me why'd i do that?   i got time out , then i went up to Kaitlyn and apoligized   I met Jillian,Genesis, &Eliza at the same time   i met them when we were in 2nd grade..!   We sat in the same table and sat at the same able in lunch.!   The first day of school , we didnt have any friends to talk with. (except for Kait)       i decided to make a group ..   only us allowed (plus kayla nd kait)   RIght when i was in study hall i went to my Social Studies class   "OMG," i said screaming   "WHAT?" Genesis asked me   "I HATE MY SOCIAL STUDIES TEACHER. SHE BE ASSIGNING US 6 PAGES FOR EACH PAGE WE READ.SHE'S GETTING ON MY LAST NERVE" i said turning red   "Wow..!"Genesis said   i walked away and just went to my class.   "Who's that?" i asked Eliza   "That's our subsitute Social Studies teacher" she said   "YES, MIRACLES DO HAPPEN!!" i said clapping   I always clap for noo type of reason.. ._. AWKKWARD..   My subsitue teacher was really funny   She kept on telling us how she broke up with her boyfriends and why she has dandruf in her hair.   "NO ONE WANTS TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR LIFE, WOMAN" i screamed across the room with a straight face   Everyone started to laugh and look at me   "It's true , haahaha" i said   "Well , you seem to stink your mouth off" she said walking up to me   "Well , my breathe don't stink .. Unlike yours.! Want a mint?" i said handing her a mint   "Sure,"she said   Everyone was laughing   After class, i walked to my car   i was waiting for Kayla for that i could drive her home.!   I dialed Kayla's numberr   "Hello , KAYLA COME OUTSIDE IM WAITING FOR YOU , SMH!" i said screaming into the phone   "I'm right outside the car banging on the door"Kayla said giggling   "Yo , you take mad long just to come outside" i said giggling   "Ha, tell that to my Health teacher. she made us write 4 pages on why making babies is important.." she said   "Waaa daa FUCK?! that makes no type of sense"i said laughing very loud   i saw Genesis,Jillian,&Eliza walking alone..   "Hey guys , want me to give you a ride?" i asked them   "SURE!" They all said   "So, who am i going to drop off first?" i asked   "Me"Said Genesis   "Ok ... Bye Genyy .. talk to you on oovoo! " i said screaming out the window   "K,Bye" she said   i dropped off Eliza , then Jillian   When i got home i immediatley went to me & Kayla's room   our room looked like the rich and famous!   Well, not really rich and famous but... i mean it's pretty..   Our bed is shaped like a house, WELL , IT LOOKS LIKE A HOUSE.   Don't judge us .. we know we're not little girls but it really looks nice..!   Since it was Friday and we didn't have any homework me and Kayla decided to go see a movie...   We watched Paranormal Activity 4   Since we saw ALL OF THE MOVIES ON NETFLIX , WE DECIDED TO SEE PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 IN THEATERS! i was soo scared! ;(   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   So, this is my new story... I HOPE YOU LIKE IT... there's going to be more added to this story   FAN me   Comment   Vote..   DO anything you want (Not in the Homo way :x)   ..... Bye my little cupcakes =]] :D

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