Nicole is a troublemaker. Everyone in her town knows who she is. She cause trouble wherever she is and she just laughs and brushes it off. When a new boy comes to town he starts to fancy Nicole. He wants her and wants her bad. Soon he will know just how much of a troublemaker she really is.


1. Prolouge

She was running out of breathe and laughing.

She picked up her speed when she heard the sirens and saw the lights.

Her friend wasn't laughing anymore.

But they kept running.

She lead them into a dark ally.

"Nicole maybe we should just go out there" the friend said catching her breath.

Nicole looked at her and smiled deviously.

"Or maybe you should just go out there....since you want to be a little bitch about it" Nicole's words stung her friend.

"I'm not taking the blame for you" Her friend said pushing her out of the way.

Her friend was sick of this.

Every time Nicole did something wrong she always sucked her into it.

Nicole looked at her and laughed.

"Oh so now your going to try to be tough?" Nicole said pushing her friend against the wall.

"Nicole let go of me now" her friend said trying to get Nicole off.

Nicole let out a low laugh and let go.

Once the sirens and lights were gone Nicole started walking out of the ally her friend following her.

Nicole went in her back pocket and took out a cigarette and lit it up and took a couple puffs.

"Your going to die" Nicole's friend said trying to take it out of her and.

"Yeah I wouldn't do that" Nicole said moving out of her friends reach.

Nicole started walking further ahead of her friend and bumped into something or someone.

She looked up at the boy and she smiled...and that's was when she first laid eyes on the new boy in town.


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