Nicole is a troublemaker. Everyone in her town knows who she is. She cause trouble wherever she is and she just laughs and brushes it off. When a new boy comes to town he starts to fancy Nicole. He wants her and wants her bad. Soon he will know just how much of a troublemaker she really is.


2. Chapter 1

It's been 2 months since that day.

I think about her all the time.

I mean we go to school together...that is when she is in school.

My locker is across the hall from hers.

I never go in my locker, the only reason I go to it is to stare at her.

Ok i'll admit...its creepy as hell but I can't help it.

She is beautiful in every way possible.

Her hair looks so soft and I just want to run my fingers through it.

I have never spoken to her not even once.

I want to so badly but I'm really shy. So I just do this for now.

Sometimes I get the feeling she knows.

Maybe its because when I look at her she looks at me and smiles then whispers something to her friends.

I bet I look like a complete idiot.

I know I look desperate because people have told me.

My older brother doesn't understand how I can be so infatuated with someone I have never spoken to.

It's her beauty.

Her beauty is the thing that gets to me.

Her eyes...her eyes are beautiful...they are breathtaking.

She is breathtaking.

She is in all my classes.

She is smart and has an amazing laugh and her voice...she has a sweet little voice.

I heard that she is trouble.

That makes her even more attractive.

I wanted to touch her.

I wanted to run my hands all over her body.

I wanna make her moan my name....I want her.

I want her so bad.

Just thinking about all the things I would do to her makes me hard.

I felt it and turned toward my locker.

Shit. Of course right now this would happen.

As soon as she looks at me this happens.

Oh no...she is walking over.

Crap. No please don't look at me.

"Hey...Your Alec right" she asked leaning on the locker.

I tuned just my head toward her.

"Um yeah...Your Nicole right" I asked.

She smiled and nodded her head.

"Hey why do you always stare  at me...not that I mind but you know" She said crossing her arms.

I didn't really know what to say.

"Oh I do....I'm sorry...I didn't even notice" I said lying.

She knew I was lying.

"You don't notice you stare at me everyday?" She asked with a low laugh.

I looked at her then looked down.

"I'm sorry...your just so pretty...I can't help it" I was looking deeply in her eyes.

She blushed.

"Oh...Thanks...your new right" she asked smiling.

I smiled back and nodded.

"Oh....You should let me show you around some time...Here" she said handing me a piece of paper with her number on it.

I smiled and took it from her and I put it in my back pocket.

"Call me anytime ok" She said walking away back to her friends.

Holy Shit that just happened.


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