Anything can happen

Who knew at 17 you would be taking care of your 5 year old brother? Skylars parents have given her nothing but 17 years of misery and she was not about to let it slide with her brother. She left home and is now struggling to pay rent. Everything changes when she meets a famous boy that turns her world around. "Anything can happen" is her motto. Will she allow it or will she just stick to being independent?


4. The backstories.

I looked at him and his face drooped down. "My dad took custody. When I went on tour, they stayed with my dad in Canada. I only see them on holidays and when I stop up there." "I'm so sorry for bringing up the subject. I don't want you to be sad." "It's ok. When I first found out about going on tour, I thought 'wow, I'm gonna finally help my mom out with the bills and finally be able to take all of her stress away'. Unfortunately, jazzy and jaxon had to stay behind because it wasn't a stable environment for them to constantly be on the road and out of school. They wouldn't have friends or anything. I wasn't about to let that happen. So I sucked it up and when I bought this house, I made sure there are enough rooms for me, them, 2 guests and my mom."  "I know how you feel with the whole leaving and being unstable part. Brandon and I either got kicked out or I couldn't make ends meet with the payments. We had at least 3 different apartments in 2 years. When we left, he was only 2 and I was 15. Your house is the fourth. I really appreciate the fact that you're allowing me to stay with you. It means a lot to me. I never had anyone be so generous with me." "It's no problem really. You make things balance out. I see it. You're not a fighter but you're also not a pacifist. I guess you can say that you're the good to my bad." I smiled and played with the tips to my hair. "No one has ever said that to me." I said nervously. "There he is. Over there." I pointed at the stairs in front of the entrance of the school and Justin pulled up to him. I pulled down the window and stuck my head out to see him. "Hey babe, lets go." He looked at me with a smile on his face and ran to the car. "Hi sky." "Hey babe, this is-" "You're Justin Bieber! How does my sister know you??" "She waited me at the diner. You're going to be living with me for a while. How does that sound to you little man?" I looked back to see Brandon's face; I've never seen his face light up to brightly before. "THAT SOUNDS COOL!" He threw up his thumb to give it a go. I laughed and looked at Justin who looked back at me with a sparkle in his left eye. I've never seen that there before. Now I know what brightens his day. Brandon's smile. "Alright. Lets get this show on the road." I said breaking the silence. "Right. Sorry." I looked forward and headed home. 

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