Anything can happen

Who knew at 17 you would be taking care of your 5 year old brother? Skylars parents have given her nothing but 17 years of misery and she was not about to let it slide with her brother. She left home and is now struggling to pay rent. Everything changes when she meets a famous boy that turns her world around. "Anything can happen" is her motto. Will she allow it or will she just stick to being independent?


2. Oh no.


I sighed at the thought and just pictured myself as being a famous dancer. Had I stayed with my parents, I could’ve fulfilled my dreams of dancing professionally. I love the way I can easily sway to the rhythm of the beat. To choreograph my own moves. Go on tours with singers like Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake and even Cody Simpson. It’s not much being a back-up dancer but it still pays the bills and I am known around the globe. Too bad it’s just a dream I can’t achieve. I wiped the single tear that fell out of my eye and shut off the TV. I wish I could give Brandon so much more. I’m just giving him what he really needs right now. I turned off the lights and went over to Brandon’s room. I pulled the sheets over him and kissed him goodnight. “Goodnight Sky. I love you.” I kissed his forehead again and whispered in his ear. “I love you too munchkin. No go to sleep.” He giggled and turned around to fall back asleep. I turned off his lava lamp and closed the door halfway and made my way to my room. I showered, brushed my teeth, put on my pajamas and went to bed instantly. BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP. My alarm clock went off. I looked at it while rubbing my eyes. 5 a.m. Grr I want to sleep more! I got up and took care of myself and went into Brandon’s room to wake him up. “C’mon Brandon. Wakey wakey.” “Five more minutes.” “Brandon, you’re 5 years old. Give me a break. You should be extremely energized.” “I couldn’t sleep. There are monsters under my bed.” “Ok I’ll check if there’s any monsters. Would you like that?” He nodded his head and pulled the covers up to his face. I kneeled down to look under the bed and its clean. “OH MY GOSH BRANDON HELP ME! HELP!!” “NO SKYLAR NOOOO COME OUT OF THERE! COME HERE SKYLAR. DON’T LEAVE ME!” He jumped off the bed and tried to get my head out from under the bed. I quickly grabbed him and swung him in the air. “MY HERO! BRANDON YOU’RE MY HERO!” He laughed and I set him down. “Ok, now that we know that there aren’t any monsters under your bed, get dressed. I’m making waffles.” “Mmm ok” he said rubbing his tummy. I walked into the kitchen and made breakfast. He came in cute as ever with his uniform. “Here’s a waffle for you and chocolate milk and a waffle for me with chocolate milk. We dug in and I dropped him off at school. “I love you Brandon. Have fun today.” “I love you too sky.” He blew me and air kiss. I caught it and placed it into my pocket and did the same to him. It’s a thing we have. I drove to the diner and put on my apron. I cleaned all of the tables and went to the back. I heard the door open and someone with a manly voice said “Hello?” “Sit wherever you’d like.” I said back. I heard his shoes drag all the way to a table. He’s the first and only one here. Its 6 a.m. never knew someone would wake up to eat this early. I walked over to him and without looking at his face I said what I had to say. “Good morning. My name is skylark and I will be your waitress. May I start you off with something to drink?” “Yes, May I please get a hot cocoa.” “Coming right up.” I looked at him in his eyes and my heart sank to my feet. I nonchalantly walked to the back and made him his cocoa. I can’t believe he’s here! I walked over to the table and gave him his cocoa. “You know who I am right?” “Yes, you’re Justin Bieber.” “I’m surprised you’re not freaking out.” “Don’t worry, I am on the inside ha-ha. So what would you like to eat?” “Am I the only one here?” “Yep. Not even the cook is here. It’s just me.” “But then why was the door open?” “I guess I left it open by accident when I came in.” “Oh, you want me to go?” “No it’s ok. I can cook, it’s no problem.” “Why don’t you sit down then?” I held up my finger and walked over to the door. I died a little inside knowing he wants me to sit with him. I’m such a teenager ha-ha. I locked the door and pulled the blinds down. We don’t open until 7:30 anyways. I walked back and sat down in front of him. “So how old are you?” “17.” “You look too young to be working. Why aren’t you in school?” “I don’t want to bore you with a store considering that you probably have a lot of things to do.” “I have time.” “Ok well, 2 years ago I moved out of my parents’ house because they didn’t care about me or my brother. I wasn’t going to abide by their rules so when I moved, I bought an apartment and dropped out of school to pay the bills. My brother is 5 years old and he’s in school right now.” “I’m sorry to hear that. And I thought my life was sad with my parents’ divorce many years ago. Have you spoken to them since?” “Nope and it’s not like they’re making an effort to speak to their kids either.” After an hour, Justin and I got to really know each other. He’s not the jerk or heartbreaker people think he is because of his breakup with Selena. They just couldn’t do it anymore because their schedules were so busy. I understand it all. “I’ve only ever had one boyfriend and that only lasted about a week. It was a bet he made with his friends. That’s why I really don’t mind not going to school. I can easily home school myself and my books can teach me other things I never knew about. It hurt but I haven’t had a boyfriend since. Its humiliating.” “I would never do that to you. You’re much too beautiful to go through any of this. If you need any help, here’s my number. Call me and I will be by your side in a split second.” He took a napkin and I gave him my pen. He wrote his number with his name on it and gave it to me. “Thank you Justin. This means a lot to me. No one has ever offered to help me even when they know my situation.” “Not even your coworkers?” I shook my head no. “Unfortunately, these people are insensitive and ignorant.” He nodded in understanding. “Well can I order now? We still have a half hour left.” I nodded and got up. “What would you like?” “4 blueberry pancakes and 8 strips of bacon.” “Wow, a lot of food.” I laughed and walked to the back. 15 minutes later, I came back and gave him his food. “This is a lot of food.. Can you help me eat this?” I laughed, sat down and he spilt the food. “You did this on purpose didn’t you?” “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” We ate and after a while, he left before he gets trampled on. “Remember, call me! Or text me whenever you like.” I grabbed his hand and wrote down my number. “Text me when you’re free.” He kissed my cheek and left. It was just a normal day after my encounter with him. I spoke of it to no one. I looked at the clock 3 p.m. “Hey guys, I’ll be back. I have to go get Brandon.” I drove to the school and back to the diner with him. He sat down at the bar and I brought him a sandwich and a cup of milk. Once it was 8, I was able to leave. “So did you finish your homework?” I asked when we got into the building. “Yep and I didn’t even need help!” “Alright!” He gave me a high five and right when I was about to open my door, a paper was taped onto it. “Oh no.” 

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