Anything can happen

Who knew at 17 you would be taking care of your 5 year old brother? Skylars parents have given her nothing but 17 years of misery and she was not about to let it slide with her brother. She left home and is now struggling to pay rent. Everything changes when she meets a famous boy that turns her world around. "Anything can happen" is her motto. Will she allow it or will she just stick to being independent?


1. Just a typical day.

"Hi my name is Skylar and I will be your waiter for the evening. May I start you off with a drink?" "Sure, I would like a coffee please." "Sure coming right up. I walked over to the back of the kitchen and prepared the coffee. "Sky, table 3 needs you." My manager said. I returned to the table with the old man and gave him his coffee. "Here you go sir. Would you like to place your order or do you need more time?" "Give me 5 minutes." "Sure thing. Ill be right back." I sped walked to table 3. "Hi how was everything?" "It was great!" A small little girl said. "You're so cute. I'm happy you liked it. Is there anything else you want?" "Yes, a cappuccino please." The mom said. I nodded an returned to the table with the man. "Ready?" "Yes, may I please get the slam jam combo please?" "Coming right up." I took his menu, went to the back, and began with the lady's cappuccino. "A slam jam John." I yelled at the cook. "Here's your cappuccino ma'am and your bill. Pay when you're ready." "Thank you Skylar." "Bye sweetie, have a good day everyone." I said smiling and walking away to the back. John rang the small bell indicating the food was ready. I gave the man his burger and walked away. I returned back to the empty table 3 and they left a $20 tip. Oh my gosh this is my lucky day! After a while, the man was my last table before leaving. "How was everything?" "On point. Thank you. Aren't you too young to be working?" "No sir, I'm 17 and I need to support my little brother." "I'm so sorry to hear that. Here, take this." He handed me $40. "I can't take this sir. I'm sorry it's too much." "Miss, you're struggling. I can see it in your eyes. Please do me the favor and take this money. It would make my day." I feel bad but I take the money. "Thank you so much sir. I really appreciate it. Have a nice day." "You too sweetheart. Take care of yourself and your brother." I nodded and put the money in my pocket. I cleaned the table and hung up my apron. "Goodnight John. Night Darla." "Goodnight Sky." They said. I got into my car and went over to the elementary school to pick up my brother. "Hey squirt. How was school?" "It was great! We learned how to write letters and we colored. Here I drew this for you." He handed me a paper with a drawing of just me and him. On the top it says 'I love my big sister'. "Aww Brandon. It's beautiful. Ill hang it up when we get home. Do you have homework?" He nodded his head. "I need a little help with writing my letters." I nodded and drove home. By the time we got to my small 2 bedroom apartment, Brandon was hungry. "What do you wanna eat?" "Hmmmm mashed potatoes!" He said scratching his chin and then throwing his finger in the air. I had no other thing to do but laugh. "Ok munchkin. Go bathe and ill help you with your homework and then we eat. Deal?" "Deal." He said shaking my hand and running to the bathroom. I went inside and filled up the bathtub and put bubbles in for him. "Ok Brandon bath time." He ran into the bathroom and hoped into the bathtub. I bathed him and dried him. He already knows how to get dressed so I let him do that. I helped him with his homework, we ate dinner and I put him to bed. I sat down on the couch and turned on the t.v. The first thing that showed was Justin Biebers music video 'boyfriend'. I went to the kitchen to wash the dishes and sang along softly. 17 years old and I moved out my parents house because of the mistreatment. I took Brandon with me. He'll be raised so much better with me than my snobby stuck up parents. I'm struggling to pay rent. I might even get evicted. Then where will I go? I dropped out of school and I have a full time job at the diner. I have to even bring Brandon with me to the diner because I can't afford a baby sitter. I have no friends because I left school 2 years ago. It's all too much for me sometimes. Other days, I'm grateful for leaving.
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