Anything can happen

Who knew at 17 you would be taking care of your 5 year old brother? Skylars parents have given her nothing but 17 years of misery and she was not about to let it slide with her brother. She left home and is now struggling to pay rent. Everything changes when she meets a famous boy that turns her world around. "Anything can happen" is her motto. Will she allow it or will she just stick to being independent?


3. A new beginning.


“What’s wrong Sky?” “Nothing bud. Let’s go inside.” I opened the door and instructed Brandon to take a bath and go to bed. After I tucked him into bed, I went back into the kitchen where I had placed the note. I sat down on the sofa reading it over and over again. “Dearest Skylar, How are you? We miss you baby. It took us forever to find you. How is Brandon? Can you send him us a picture of you two? I tried catching you earlier but I had no idea where you were. I love you baby and so does your mom. We miss you and hope to see you soon. Be safe. Love dad.” How did they even find me? I know for a fact that it did not take forever to find me. They probably found me on yellow pages or something. They would never make the effort to find their own kids. I know my parents all too well. I just can’t believe this is happening. I threw away the note. I don’t want them to trace me down at all what so ever. I grabbed my phone and the remote to turn on the TV. Music. First thing I go to. They were playing battle scars ft. Lupe fiasco. I stared at the contact name on my phone for almost 10 minutes deciding on whether or not to text him or leave without saying anything. My thumbs began typing. “Hey Justin. Its skylark do you have a minute?” My heart raced as I pressed the send button. I regret ever doing that. He isn’t going to answer me. He’s too busy to text a poor 17 year old girl raising her brother when her parents are very much alive. I threw my phone to the other side of the couch and focused on the music video. Instantly, I heard my phone vibrate; the screen lit up. I picked it up and read what it said. “Hey Sky. I was waiting for you to text me haha. What’s up?” I texted him back explaining what had just happened not too long ago. “I understand. Pack your things and ill have a truck pick up your stuff tomorrow. Call in sick or something and ill help you unpack.” “Thank you so much Justin. I really appreciate it.” “No problem beautiful. Now go to sleep and relax. Everything will be better in the morning, I promise.” “Ok good night.” I put my dinosaur little flip phone to charge in the kitchen and went off to bed. I’m grateful that I can at least afford the necessities and Brandon understands that. BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP. The sound of my alarm clock made such an obnoxious sound but it did wake me up. I went over to Brandon’s room and got him ready for school. “Hey bud, I’m going to drop you off at school today and when I pick you up, we won’t be here anymore. We’re moving into my friends house ok?” “Why?” “Because I can’t pay the money anymore. I’m sorry bud.” “Is your friend nice?” “He really is hon. Now let’s get you to school.” I dropped him off at school and called in sick for work today. Its buyable since its close to December. Its October now. Halloween is in two weeks. Great. As soon as I got home, I packed everything we own. We hardly own anything so it was only about 8 boxes. Nothing much. Most of it is Brandon’s toys. Everything else is clothes. I feel my phone vibrating in my back pocket. I look at the screen and it’s Justin. “Hey.” “Hey, the truck is going to be at your place in 10 minutes. Is that ok?” “Perfect.” We hung up and exactly 10 minutes later, the truck came by. We loaded it up and I took my car to Justin’s palace. My temporary new home. “Holy mother of cows.” I parked in the driveway behind Justin’s range rover and got out. “Sky!” He called out from inside. “HEY! This place is huge!” “You like?” “I love it.” He hugged me and gave me a tour around the house. “There are 6 rooms. The master is mine, You can have the guest room and Brandon-“ “Brandon can stay with me. I don’t mind it. I don’t want to mess up anything.” “Brandon can stay in Jaxon’s room. He only visits during the holidays. I don’t mind the mess. I miss it.” I looked at him with a weird face but I didn’t complain. He offered and I took it. The boxes were put in my room but where is my furniture? “Justin?” I asked walking over to the ‘game room’. “Yeah?” “Where is my furniture?” “I threw it out.” “WHAT?! Why would you do that? This is only for a short time! I need that furniture! I need my bed and my couch and where’s my TV.?” “I had it put in Brandon’s new room.” “Oh god. Why did you do that?” “Sky, anytime now, that bed would’ve broken. The couch is flat and nasty and not your taste at all and the chairs? You don’t have a table and those chairs were creaking. I did you a favor and anyways, it’s not temporary. You can stay here for as long as you want. I really enjoy your company.” I smiled and it was as if I wasn’t even upset at him. He was right though. All that stuff was bought at a Flea market and it meant nothing. “What time is it?” I asked. He checked his watch. “3:30.” I have to go get Brandon. I’ll be back. “Would you like for me to go with you? I can drive. You’ve worked long and hard enough, let me go.” He didn’t even give me the chance to answer him. He just grabbed his keys and my wrist leading me to his car. “Where at?” “Georgia Elementary.” “Ha, Jazzy and Jaxon went there.” “If you don’t mind me asking, what happened..?” 

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