Just because I miss you

A love that turned her life upside-down. A love that left her.... just when she needed him the most.


2. How it started....

'Doesn't it annoy you as much as it annoys me that you can't even break up with me face-to-face?' London screamed into the phone. 

'Look, baby, I'm....' 

'Don't you "baby" me! I just don't wanna hear it. Call me if my replacement fails!' She hung up the phone and threw herself face-down on the couch, cursing into the pillow that stared innocently at her. 

London could tell without even looking that she looked horrible. Mascara would be streaking down her face, leaving long black marks in place of her sweet, pink cheeks. Her hair would be all messed-up, flicking in every direction as she moved her head.

Her boyfriend, Austen, had just broken up with her, and that wasn't even what hurt the most. He had found someone else. A beautiful brunette by the name of Aubree. London was a brunette too, but her hair was straight and 'boring' in her own opinion. As if the breakup itself wasn't painful enough, she was given a description a whole description about what this 'Aubree' girl looked like. Bright green eyes, opposite my dark brown ones. She was tall and slim, and London was tall and.... well.. people told her she wasn't fat, but she wasn't entirely slim either.  

So, basically, she was jealous because Austen had found someone perfect, and then traded her in. She didn't want to be traded in. The past two guys she'd dated had done that too. They just dated the nice girl, until the beautiful one came along. Yeah, that pretty much summed up London's love-life. 

All these things raced through her head until she realised that she had transferred herself from the couch to the floor. She was hugging her knees and sobbing, as if Austen was going to realise that she was just sitting there, waiting for him to call her back and tell her that he still loved her. London stared at her phone,Austen's ringtone would begin to blare out her phone. But she had already managed to convince herself that it was never going to happen, and that she was just wasting her time waiting for him. Surely there would be someone out there who would be waiting for a girl like her to come around. Yet at the same time, she believed that no one would be interested in a girl like her, and even if they were, how would she know she could trust them? After all, the same thing had happened to her twice now. 

London started muttering to herself about what an idiot he was, and that if she wasn't worth his time then she clearly wasn't worth his. 

When suddenly......


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