the secret

"Ok I dare harry and Jennifer to have 10 minutes in heaven said stephanie that got us into this but will go through it said harry"


5. the news :o

** sorry I skipped but here is another chapter**

**4 weeks later**
I had missed my period and i thought it was normal since I was really iregular but I was worrying cuz I still didn't feel so well and was vomiting a lot more eleanor Louis girlfriend has came over with perrie, dannielle and stephanie we were planning on going to the mall but as soon as I was about to say something I rushed to the bathroom and threw up then stephanie came up behind me with perrie by her side and pulled out a pregnancy test I took it but I was pretty sure I wasnt pregnant 1 x was negative 2 was positive we waited for the results there were 2 xx's I was panicking how could I be pregnant I started crying my eyes out and told them the whole truth that I had had ten minutes in heaven with harry and we had had sex but i didnt think I would get pregnant I mean I was only 17 he was 18 how was i supoose to tell him the girls were trying to calm me down telling me they would be there through everything with me I was scared really scared but i needed to tell harry so i called him and asked him to come over so he did he knew I was worried about something and he asked me at that point i couldnt hold it any more I cried my eyes out right then and there he was confused but he was comforting me i knew I had to tell him so I did I told him slowly and carfully I said harry umm well u remember 10 minutes in heaven and what we did there right? I asked he said yes why what's wrong? I cried again and he asked me babe please just tell me whats going on well um I'm uhhhhhhhhhhh.......... Ummm I'm pregnant I need u with me harry he left the room as soon as I told him i cried and cried and cried until it was around 12 in the night and he climbed in through my window and told me he was sorry and was going to be there for me every step of the way now the hard thing was going to be telling my parents.
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