the secret

"Ok I dare harry and Jennifer to have 10 minutes in heaven said stephanie that got us into this but will go through it said harry"


4. the day after the party

I woke up throwing up I guess I was the alcohol, and all I had last night i would be fine.

I was throwing up so bad in the middle of class I was really sick I didnt know why. :o I didn't think anything about it I just thought it could be the flu since it was the beggining of flu season.!! Harry found me throwing up in the trash can and asked if i was ok I answered with a simple nod and he took me to class. I hadn't thrown up but I was feeling kind of dizzy so I just stood there for a while.

It's been a long week I've been really sick this week and Idk why I might go to the doctors next week to check out what's going on.!!

It was pretty long and hard sick day. I wasn't feeling any better yet
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